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  1. Thanks for the reply. Okay, quoting from the above link: "The very first vault you create/add in Enpass is referred to as the Primary vault, and rest of the other vaults are considered as the secondary vaults in Enpass. You can not rename the Primary vault. The password of the Primary vault acts as the master password of Enpass. When you create multiple vaults, the passwords of other vaults are stored securely in the Primary vault and are removed when you delete the vault. That’s why when you unlock Enpass, all the vaults get unlocked automatically." If the passwords of the secondary vaults are stored in the primary vault, then they can be read in the clear by anyone who has access to the primary vault. So, I cannot see a way top wall off my account info and passwords for financial and other critical sites in a secondary vault. Why can't I dynamically switch between different data files which require different passwords to access? It should be as simple as launching Enpass, choosing the database, entering the database password and then proceeding with your business. Thanks.
  2. Hi- I want to create two or more vaults with distinct master passwords. For instance, I would like one vault with all of my regular email & website passwords. A second vault with it's own master password would store account info for financial and other critical sites. Is this possible in Enpass?
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