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  1. I reinstalled the extention, to no avail. Reinstalling Chrome will have to wait. I have some things stored and configured that I don't want to lose right now. I'll try it as soon as I can.
  2. @Pratyush Sharma I disabled the option. I closed Chrome. Opened again. Still the same problem. Then I later rebooted the PC and tried again. Same problem. Other suggestions?
  3. On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? WINDOWS 10 PC, version 1903 Which Enpass and Enpass extension version are you using? Enpass version 6.4.1 (642), browser extension for chrome version 6.4.0 Which Chrome version are you using? Chrome Version 81.0.4044.129 Are you facing the same problem with other browsers too? No, Edge, Vivaldi, Opera work fine. Are you using any Antivirus or third-party security-related extension? Sophos free antivirus Also, let us know the error you getting? Well, I use it in Dutch version, so the exact error is "Verbindingsfout! swi_fc.exe voorkomt dat de Enpass-extensie verbinding maakt met de Enpass-app.", roughly translated to: Connection error! swi_fc.exe is preventing the Enpass extension to connect to the Enpass app. I already tried the solution described at "https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/security/enpass-browser-extension-is-not-working-due-to-sophos-antivirus/". The local adress is excluded in any possible way, but I still get the error. Furthermore, this doesn't make sense, as other browsers (Opera, Vivaldi) have no problem. I understand Edge works differently, but Opera and Vivaldi work the same as Chrome I believe? Please advise @Garima Singh .
  4. I'm having the same problem. Even after excluding the localhost address as instructed. @Anshu kumar, the problem persists. Can you please further investigate and give us a working solution for this annoying problem?
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