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  1. I used Enpass for 5 years. The switch from v5 to v6 was a pain but I loved the fact that "pro users wouldn't have to pay for future updates", so I kept using it and raccomending to friends.

    But now the promise has not been kept. I accept bugs and missing features, but not this behavior.

    I have now moved my personal stuff into a new vault created on the 1Password account that my company offers to its employees. If one day I change job, I'll consider paying a 1Password subscription or switching to another password manager.

    I'm sorry Enpass, but I think that with this "Premium" move (and in a year maybe there will be "Platinum", then "Gold") you will lose more users than you will gain.


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  2. I came across this bug just now. I can confirm that version 6.5.0 works fine, while version 6.5.1 shows many wrong "identical password" items.

    Version 6.5.1 (bugged) is installed on:

    • An Android phone
    • An iMac
    • A Chromebook

    Version 6.5.0 (works fine) is installed on:

    • Two Windows PCs (from MS Store)


    EDIT: I forgot to mention that the issue encountered in v6.5.1 is identical to the one posted by another user before:


  3. Please implement the "vacuum" command.

    I've added a lot of custom icons and then, when I've seen a slowdown in synchronization, I started removing them, but the DB size didn't change...

    I've tried opening it with this tool ( https://sqlitebrowser.org/ ) to shrink/compact it, but it is password protected...

    So, in a long-term vision, this is a must-have feature: the DB cannot grow forever! KeepassXC performs it automatically when saving, while 1Password can compact the DB on-demand from the "Help" menu.


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