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  1. Please implement the "vacuum" command. I've added a lot of custom icons and then, when I've seen a slowdown in synchronization, I started removing them, but the DB size didn't change... I've tried opening it with this tool ( https://sqlitebrowser.org/ ) to shrink/compact it, but it is password protected... So, in a long-term vision, this is a must-have feature: the DB cannot grow forever! KeepassXC performs it automatically when saving, while 1Password can compact the DB on-demand from the "Help" menu. Thanks.
  2. Why don't you simply: Share a folder on your PC (or on your router if it supports USB devices)? Or, create a simple WebDAV server ( https://www.npmjs.com/package/webdav-server#quick-usage )? Easy, fast, efficient...
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