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  1. Hi Pratyush Oops! Silly me! I assumed that the icons were linked to the record which I created from the Windows version. Sorry about that and thanks a lot for your answer. Works perfectly fine as soon as I enabled the option :-)
  2. Hi Pratyush I did as you say and they all synchronize well. My problem is that the icons that were automatically fetched from the web sites when I created an item from the Windows software do not show on my 2 smartphones. Only the few icons that I chose from the list that the software proposes (whenever the icon could not be retrieved from the web site) are synchronized on the Android and IOS apps. Is this normal behavior ? Thanks Dominique
  3. Hello I started filling in my safe thru the Windows software. When I synchronized with the IOS version I just bought, I find the records OK except for the icons that were uploaded from the site. All icons on my iPhone look the same, the template default icon. Is it normal behavior (sadly...) and will it be improved ? The same with my other Android smartphone. Thanks Dominique
  4. Hi Garima Thanks for the answer, it does help. Unfortunately, the CSV export from my application is just a mess. I gotta figure out how I can import it without typing everything in again... Dominique
  5. Hi My previous software (Kuff Password Safe) enables me to extract my database in XML or CSV file. Is it possible to upload one or the other into enpass ? I have so many records, I just cannot retype everything ! Thanks Dominique
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