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  1. On 8/18/2020 at 10:48 AM, Dentonthebear said:

    Hi @Dominique65

    What version of Windows are you running on the second PC?

    The latest Windows downloadable executable is listed as 6.4.2, but I cannot test this personally as I am running Linux: https://dl.enpass.io/stable/windows/setup/

    Thanks Dentonthebear for your answer. As I replied to Pratyush, I finally went thru the process alright.


  2. Hi Pratyush

    Thanks for your answer.

    My first problem was to find your latest version : major issue since I was clicking on the first link that your download page offers, that is thru MS Store. They have never been able to help me ! They even made me create a new account stating that, since I had already installed one version under an account, I needed to create a new one. Pityfull...

    Then I found that there was a way to download it directly from your side as you mentionned, which I hadn't seen since I needed to scroll down. Silly me and also pityfull. Everything went right from then on (even though I couldn't follow the steps described in your mail since it asks me right at the end of installation process to sync).

    So everything is fine, thank you again.


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  3. Hi

    I want to use Enpass on a second Windows PC (from work). I am redirected from your download page onto the MS Store. I spent 30mn with their support and they have not been able to help me (the "install" button does not work).

    I finally found an older exe file on the net (enpass_6-3-3_fr_432677.exe) and I was hoping I could start from there and upgrade afterwards.

    After installing it and trying to sync my vault from Dropbox, I got an error "error while syncing". I tried several times.

    I assumed it might come from the fact that the version is too old, am I right ?

    Thanks for your help

  4. Hi Pratyush

    I did as you say and they all synchronize well.

    My problem is that the icons that were automatically fetched from the web sites when I created an item from the Windows software do not show on my 2 smartphones.

    Only the few icons that I chose from the list that the software proposes (whenever the icon could not be retrieved from the web site) are synchronized on the Android and IOS apps.

    Is this normal behavior ?



  5. Hello

    I started filling in my safe thru the Windows software. When I synchronized with the IOS version I just bought, I find the records OK except for the icons that were uploaded from the site.

    All icons on my iPhone look the same, the template default icon. Is it normal behavior (sadly...) and will it be improved ?

    The same with my other Android smartphone.



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