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  1. OSX : Catalina 10.15.7 Enpass manual install : 6.5.1 , application states up to date. (Lies) So after some research, i found probably why I'm having this issue. Enpass 6.5.2 is not offered on your website, only through the horrible apple store for OSX on MacBook Pro, See image below. When I attempt to install via app store it of course doesnt recognize I have Enpass installed and in order to update to the 6.5.2 which might solve my issue of the touchID malfunction, I have to start over fresh instal and restore from backup. Thanks.
  2. TouchID is enable on my MacBook Pro, but it doesn't do anything when using touchID and still prompts for master pass when inactive for 3 mins. Inactive lock is 3mins TouchID enabled. coming back to MacBook Pro after inactive for a while, prompts for TouchID fingerprint but does nothing after use. Still requires a full master password. This only began to be an issue after update.
  3. IOS: Macbookpro: 10.15.4 Safari Browser: 13.1. Browser extensions added and installed proper. ISSUE: When I log into a site that has the credentials already saved in Enpass it always pops up a prompt to save or update the credentials. This is dysfunctional and distracting. The option to save NEW logins is checked and is working proper. The system should recognize that the login is saved already and not pop up EVERY single time I login into to ANYTHING.
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