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  1. Hello, Thanks for your inquiry. I have never had this problem before. I only downloaded and installed Malwarebytes a few hours before the problem connecting to my account on EnPass Today everything is OK after the restoration of the Epass database. As long as it lasts! Thank you
  2. Hello, I am using EnPass 6.5.0 (707) on a PC with Windows 10 I configured my backup with dropbox but I restored my configuration and my database with a version saved on the PC 3 days ago (a manual backup I presume) I did not change anything in the default Enpass database location before the problem I also have EnPass on another PC but it was not in use when the problem occurred. I haven't tried using it to see if I was stuck as well. This laptop PC is also equipped with the W10. Thank you for your attention
  3. Hello, I have been using Enpass for 18 months without any problem. This afternoon, the Enpass extension of Firefox refuses to recognize my main password to unlock the software (I typed the psw for verification in Word: no problem with the keyboard). I'm starting to get scared because the Desktop application also refuses it and after restarting the PC offers me a new different screen as if I were a new user. Fortunately, as an already known user, I was able to start again from an automatic backup that dates back 3 days. It does not matter, I have recovered access with my main password and my data. But what happened? Temporary bug, hacking .... do I have to change my passwords (the main one of EnPass, all the others?). After several connections attempts, is it normal for EnPass to ask you to restart from an automatic backup from the PC Backup folder? For your information, the only process not usual today was to install and execute Malwarebytes on my PC Thank you for your reply
  4. Hello, Sometimes, my Firefox extension or my Chrome extension doesn't work correctly ansd I receive in french the text: " Recherche de l'application en cours" that I translate as "Serach for the cirrent application". I am under Windows 10. To avoid this message I need to start the program EnPass and after I do not receive this error. How to do to avoid to receive this message. Thank's a lot for the answer.
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