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  1. TL, DR: the issue is the clock setting. You need to make sure the time is correct. Hi, I figured out my issue in the end. I run a dual boot system. It was due to the change to daylight savings time and the difference between the way Windows and Linux interpret the hardware clock. Linux assumes the HW clock is UTC and adjusts for your time zone. It writes UTC to the clock after an update. Windows assumes the hw clock is local time and after updating it writes that time to the clock. After the BST change the clock was 1 hour out when I logged back into Windows after using Linux and thus all my codes did not match other devices. I set Linux to interpret the clock as local and all is good again. Thanks.
  2. I too have encountered this with the Windows 10 desktop app. For me, only Amazon seems to be effected. The OTP generated by the Windows 10 app for this account is incorrect. However I have synced the same vault across multiple platforms and on Linux and Android the OTP code is correct and allows login. This is the same vault entry synced via google drive. Both of the working systems are using 30 second intervals, but so too is the Windows app. It just seems to generate an incorrect code.
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