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  1. Unlocking should be quicker I've posted this in another category about nine months ago but I'm reposting it here as I haven't heard any news since then, it's a rather small feature and it is really bugging me. The most annoying thing while using Enpass is, at least in my opinion, the rather slow unlock speed. Especially on the Android version (I'm using fingerprint if that matters) it is really slow. Apart from trying to improve the unlock speed on the technical side, it would be very nice if the fancy unlock animations could be disabled in the settings. The unlock sound could still be played while the list of passwords is already visible and the animations should be as short as possible to allow a more efficient workflow. Also another thing: When selecting a password to login the browser extension only shows the entries matching the current website. If you open the dialog again to retrieve e.g. a TOTP token it just shows "recent items", the last login used isn't at the top though. It would be better if it either shows only matching entries as well (you can still search for other passwords) or shows the last opened entry at the top. Thank You, schrej
  2. Just allowing to save SSH keys within Enpass would be awesome. Either as a file directly or at least within a text area that preserves line-breaks. "Text" doesn't do that and screws up SSH key files and you have to manually restore the line-breaks.
  3. Hi @Anshu kumar, Thanks! For me, it would be sufficient to be able to just disable the visuals. The sound could still be played, though, I guess. Just the slow visuals are quite annoying it just adds a useless second to entering credentials. - schrej
  4. When entering the password into the browser extension/tray icon version the unlocking is quite slow. It takes about a second until I can search/select an entry and paste it into the input fields. Is this a limitation of the crypto library or speed of my computer or is it just a visual thing? If it is just visual I would like to be able to disable that, as it is rather useless and annoying (.2 seconds should be enough, it's obvious that it is unlocked as the entries are shown). - schrej
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