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  1. Ok thanks, will contact the app developer to let them know.
  2. To add i hear from a friend that it works on Android so why not iOS? Sure different platform but they must have defined it if it works on Android.
  3. Thanks for the update. I thought they were fixing it. And i dont get why the look up cant use something simple as app name and/or the name i have given to it??? There are really many ways to do it.
  4. Hi @Pratyush Sharma Any update on this? it still does not work with the latest version 6.6.2!
  5. vampyren

    Macro bug

    Thanks! This is on a windows 10 (latest patch v2004). Enpas also latest version 6.5.2. I has never worked really with the macro key but got really annoyed now so i reported it. Also since this is the only program it fails to work in.
  6. vampyren

    Macro bug

    Hi, Found another annoying bug! IT only happens in Enpass too. I did not report it earlier but its getting more annoying by the day since i sign up to several sites as of late. I have a Logitech G915 keyboard where i have set a macro for one of the keys called G1. When i press this G1 it will type my email where ever i am, be it on the web, in a word file or any other program. But for some reason in Enpass in the Email field or any field for that matter when i press the G1 it will type vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv instead of my email. The number of characters matches the email exactly but the
  7. Great that you can re-produce it. Looking forward to the fix.
  8. Hi, Its on iOS 14.1 (latest version) and latest Enpass 6.5.2.
  9. Hi, For some reason one of my apps called Celsius always fail to find the login/password in Enpass so i have to search for it. IS there anything i can change or do to fix this? i tried to add it as a login and app with the title matching the app but it dont work. Also tried adding a tag..... I think the login is a webapp so i added the url in also -->https://celsius.network/ Any ideas?
  10. Sure. Hope its fixed for the last time. Always work on mSecure so it cant be a huge thing.
  11. Thanks, please let me know if you hear about a fix date.
  12. Hi, I'm not starting to use Enapas on my Macbook pro as well. Sometimes when i open Enpas from the notification area (Windows) and now from the topmenu (on OSX) i use the short command (Command+E) to open the full view. On Windows when i authenticate using Windows Hello (TouchID) using the mini view and then open the full view using (CTRL+E) then i dont have to authenticate again since i have already done so. On MAC however its not working correctly. When i authenticate in mini view and open the full view it ask me to authenticate once more. Why? It is really annoyi
  13. Sure will do. Just noticed that the problem with password generation for "generate password and fill" is now fixed. When i press the fill it dont change the generated password any longer. Nice update
  14. I'm testing the new version now. Hope it solves the iCloud issue. I also checked the box to keep logged in. Hope it works.
  15. Ok i thought you meant its already working in the mini window. SO its a feature that is not working now. On the main window yes it works to just right click but on mini window its buggy. Strangely enough it works after many tries but not reliably. Then we wait for the update. Thanks for info.
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