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  1. Thanks, please let me know if you hear about a fix date.
  2. Hi, I'm not starting to use Enapas on my Macbook pro as well. Sometimes when i open Enpas from the notification area (Windows) and now from the topmenu (on OSX) i use the short command (Command+E) to open the full view. On Windows when i authenticate using Windows Hello (TouchID) using the mini view and then open the full view using (CTRL+E) then i dont have to authenticate again since i have already done so. On MAC however its not working correctly. When i authenticate in mini view and open the full view it ask me to authenticate once more. Why? It is really annoying to be honest. And the worst is that it dont accept touchID directly, just like windows i have to click on the icon to the right side to even prompt for touchID. This seems like a bug to me. It cant be the expected behaviour? My OSX is Catalina and 6.4.2 for the app which is the latest.
  3. Sure will do. Just noticed that the problem with password generation for "generate password and fill" is now fixed. When i press the fill it dont change the generated password any longer. Nice update
  4. I'm testing the new version now. Hope it solves the iCloud issue. I also checked the box to keep logged in. Hope it works.
  5. Ok i thought you meant its already working in the mini window. SO its a feature that is not working now. On the main window yes it works to just right click but on mini window its buggy. Strangely enough it works after many tries but not reliably. Then we wait for the update. Thanks for info.
  6. Sorry but it dont work all to well. I can make it work but its very buggy/clunky. I literally have to move the mouse on several items and right click 10-15 times before one item gets "activated" or going to blue color at which point the right click will work. But no it dont work right away after opening the mini windows. By the way if i double click on an item it will open a tab in my browser so i dont see what you mean? One additional thing i notice now is also that i get logged out from iCloud once in a while. Is there a way to make it last? A bit annoying to every second day login.
  7. Sure. Can you also add another annoying issue please. When you open the Enapss through the icon in notification and hover the mouse over items it shows they are selected but you can not right click on them. First i have to left-mouse click before right click works in order to copy password. Why the extra click? Its much more convenient to simply hover the mouse over a item and right click.
  8. Thank you. Will look into it as well. I must say i like the features of Enpass but i'm in doubt about the quality and update frequency. Simple things like what we reported cant take 1 month. I'm in software development and with agile teams hell weekly delivery is a thing now. I mean basic functionality that is broken must be fixed fast. By the way this is a huge huge plus: Bitwarden is a 100% open source password manager
  9. Hi, I think this is what i discovered after a few days of use. Very worried that such simple and crucial bug has slipped through and has not been fixed after a month. This seriously makes me wonder about the test quality of the code. The same bug happens even when using the copy button....
  10. Hello again, I have now found at least 2 bugs and some other annoying issues on the windows 10 app. Here are the details: Bug 1 & 2: Start with the + sign to add a new item-->Login->Default Step1: Press the "Generate" to show the password generation window. Error1: Here if i right away click on "Fill", then the windows goes away and the password i was just seeing is changed. Expected Result: The password that was shown must be kept Error2: If i instead click on "Copy to clipboard", again the password shown is changed! Expected Result: The password that was shown must be kept + copied to clipboard ------------------------- Bug 3: The Password field behaves very non-standard. Like i cant double click to select all the text, i cant click CTRL-A to select all the text and i cant even hold the left mouse and drag over the text to select the text. Expected Behavior: Standard windows behavior should be available. Could you please look into these? maybe they are already reported? Any fix in the pipe?
  11. I have had the issue in windows10 x64 build 1909 and my iphone 11 pro. On Windows i think i might know why. I go to the Enpass icon on the notification icon and find something i want the password for and click on it and right click and copy password, sometime i tried shortcut Shift-Ctrl+p I just now noticed that when i open Enpass icon on the notification icon when i hover the mouse over different sites it mark the item but does not actually select them, it must be dark blue before it actually select the item. Maybe this is what i did wrong. I will try some more and get back. Downloaded Enpass this week so latest version.
  12. Thank you for the info Pratyush. I'm assuming the API for cloud kit makes it easier to work with syncing. Hopefully it can be visible in the future. What online storage is the most reliable in your experience choosing between iCloud and OneDrive? I use both of these regularly so i'm deciding which one i should use. I have now purchased the premium since i really like the program and it has some nice features compared to my old program that is a bit outdated. By the way, I found some strange behavior like when i copy a password it dont copy it to clipboard. Happened several times. Also once it copied something else into the clipboard after 3 tries it copied the right data. Very strange. Its hard to reproduce, it happens random!
  13. Hello, Regarding Windows Hello issue: Good to hear that its planned to be "fixed" Regarding iCloud query- I dont understand why? Its my data so why hide it so i can not access? i thought the whole idea was to users to decide where they want their data. If i can not access it then it might as well be on your server so whats the difference or point? I use also mSecure which i'm switching from and they use a folder i can access so this is what i was expecting to be honest. I hope this can also be changed (maybe an option in the program so users can choose, maybe by hiding you add more security but again its should be users choice). Hope you understand my point? I have not tried but how is it if i save my database on onedrive? is it also hidded? I read on forum that there were some issue with onedrive so i choose iCloud, not sure which is the best or preferred by Enpass?
  14. Hello, I just downloaded this app on my Windows PC and my iPhone 11. One very important feature that must work for me is Windows Hello which allows me to unlock using fingerprint. I went into Settings-->Security and enabled "Windows Hello". But it seems when i start Enpass it does not let me login with "Windows Hello". But once i login using the password and minimize and open again then i see the "Windows Hello" icon on the right corner. When i click on this icon then i can use fingerprint to login. This seems like a bug to me. Can you please confirm? Also why do i need to click on the icon, by default "Windows Hello" should be enabled and asking for fingerprint when i start Enpass both first start and also from minimized. This is the expected behavior. Can you please change that? Question: where exactly does Enpass store the database on iCloud if i sync there? I check the folders there but cant find anything. My system: My PC: win10 x64 1909 (all latest patched) Enpass: 6.4.1 (642) I'm still evaluating the program before i purchase but so far i like what i see , really like i can choose backup/sync storage and there is no montly fee. That is a deal-breaker for me. I rather pay upfront! Cheers
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