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  1. So, @LejoS I'm curious, what is your Windows User Account name then? Check your C:\Users folder? "Users" may be called something else if you have another language of Windows. /Håkan
  2. As I see it, this issue has nothing to do with the Windows 10 version. It is a bug that has been introduced in the Windows Store Enpass App somewhere between 6.4.1 (642) that worked, and 6.4.2 (662) that does not work. I'm on 1909, but to prove my point, I have fired up different Windows versions in VMware. 1511 x64 finds the Enpass App in the Windows Store, but it is not compatible, see screenshot below. 1703 x64 English 1809 x64 English 1909 x64 Swedish 1909 x64 English International All four of these versions behave consistently: if a Windows User Account has a non-english character in it, in my case "å" from Håkan, the Windows Store Enpass App will not work. Unless run as an Administrator, where it creates a "faulty" folder in parallel of the actual User Account: And this only brings local vault functionality anyways; it fails to sync with Google Drive. As this bug is very easy to reproduce, your developers shouldn't have a hard time finding it. Good luck! /Håkan
  3. One more thing I found: If you start the Windows Store App as Administrator (right click the app icon and select Run as Administrator) it creates a new Windows User folder! It contains a strange question mark character instead of the "å". This folder only contains the path to the Enpass storage directory. As long as Enpass is running as Administrator, it can create a new vault in this "wrong" folder structure, where new items can be added and saved and removed. However, I was not able to restore my Google Drive vault with this workaround. It just sits there waiting, but it does not crash as it does when run as a normal user. /Håkan
  4. I happened to have another disk with a previous Windows 10 install on. Today, when I connected it for a completely different purpose than this, I did so without connecting the network cable. And on this install, the Windows Store App worked! It was version 6.4.1 (642), and I have the folder structure to prove it. There it is: Users\Håkan\AppData and so on, with the LocalState folder that contains my vault. However, as soon as I connected the network cable and rebooted, the Windows Store App was updated, and no longer worked. It wanted me to set things up as a new user, which just don't work, as posted earlier. To find out the version of the updated version, I had to create a new user account, without any special characters in it. The latest updated version is 6.4.2 (662). But, with hope for all users that are afraid that they have lost their vaults, the above folder structure and vault files remain, even after the non-working version is installed. If Enpass can fix their App, a new and working version would probably find the old folder structure and be able to open the vault again?
  5. Hey @eurekaqq, have a look at my post in another thread, regarding the same matter. If you are lucky, your vault files are still on your disk, where the Windows Store App stored them! You can just copy them to the location where Traditional Win32 stores them. Have a look at my description, but no guarantees... https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/18951-internal-error-995-no-restore-from-backup/&do=findComment&comment=31646 Good luck! /Håkan
  6. The first post in this thread may have the same problem as I have. I don't have a solution, only a theory as to why, that I described here: So, uninstall the Windows Store App and install the Traditional Win32 application instead, while Enpass sort out their App. @JürgenO above seems to also have a non-english character user account name, right? @Unstiglitz, here is a wild guess at helping you: it requires some computer experience. Try it at your own risk... First, do not uninstall the Windows Store App. If the App auto-updated the vault may still be there, just that the buggy new version can't find it. Go to C:\Users\XXXXXX\AppData\Local\Packages\SinewSoftwareSystems.EnpassPasswordManager_fwdy0m65qb6h2 where XXXXXX is your user account name, and also the last bit may differ, it seems kind of random. If you find that folder, there should be a subfolder LocalState, and in that one, a folder Vaults, then lastly "primary". There, you should hopefully find at least two files: vault.enpassdb vault.json and I also had a "fc19cda3-6d60-4443-b283-d036928dfc44.enpassattach" Copy these to another folder temporarily. Now, install the Traditional Win32 application. Start it and say you are a new user, and set up a new vault. Never mind the password or any contents... Close the application and also quit the system tray Enpass icon: right click, menu to the left, quit. Go to C:\Users\XXXXXX\Documents\Enpass\Vaults\primary where again XXXXXX is your user account name. This is where the Win32 application stores its data. At this point there is likely only two vault files there. Now copy your "rescued" files from above, to this location, replacing the files already there. Now, restart Enpass from the start menu. Your old vault should be there, accessible with your old password. And lastly: do set up a cloud synchronization! Good luck! /Håkan, Sweden
  7. Same problem here, and I think I know why! My name is Håkan, and that, or more specifically, the "å" in my name is the problem! Enpass Windows Store App can not handle non-english characters in the Windows user account name! The user account name is part of the path where the App stores data. The App installation process in the Windows Store creates the folder structure at C:\Users\Håkan\AppData\Local\Packages\SinewSoftwareSystems.EnpassPasswordManager_fwdy0m65qb6h2 but then, the App in itself fails to actually use these folders... I have replicated the error on a brand new Windows 10 install. Installed Enpass from the Windows Store. When logged on to an account as user "Håkan", I can't even create a new vault: It just goes in circles, after clicking "Change to Default" I get back to the initial setup screen. If I try a backup file from another computer I get an error: And when I try to restore from Google Drive, Enpass just crashes without any message after the Google authorization... Then, I create a new user account on the same computer, naming the user "Hakan" without the "å". Now, everything works as expected! I bet the earlier posters here also have Windows user account names with non-english characters in them? Fortunatelly, the Traditional Win32 application works, even with my "å" in the user account! https://www.enpass.io/downloads/ Best of luck to the Enpass team in the bug fixing process! Thanks for an otherwise really good app! /Håkan, Sweden
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