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  1. Hi, problem is now correctly addressed. Issue is resolved. Thanks for the support!! Cheers, António Soares
  2. Hi, thanks. will do. Let me share that my user profile path has special characters like " á "
  3. Just downloaded Portable version and is working perfect. I believe the problem to be related to the vault location on the Windows Store version.
  4. Just found that when creating a new account, it gives an error stating to be unable to find the vault. Trying to set defaults has no impact. Can you help? Kind regards, António
  5. Hi, I have a backup file in Onedrive and I cannot connect to it from Windows 10. Today the app was updated and since then I cannot proceed. Selecting Onedrive brings me to the browser to login in onedrive. After successful login, it redirects me to the app and it closes automatically. I go to start menu and upon starting the App I get to square one and I restart the process... I can use it ok from Android. I'm using Edge Chromium as browser Thanks. António
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