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  1. Hi, thanks. will do. Let me share that my user profile path has special characters like " á "
  2. Just downloaded Portable version and is working perfect. I believe the problem to be related to the vault location on the Windows Store version.
  3. Just found that when creating a new account, it gives an error stating to be unable to find the vault. Trying to set defaults has no impact. Can you help? Kind regards, António
  4. Hi, I have a backup file in Onedrive and I cannot connect to it from Windows 10. Today the app was updated and since then I cannot proceed. Selecting Onedrive brings me to the browser to login in onedrive. After successful login, it redirects me to the app and it closes automatically. I go to start menu and upon starting the App I get to square one and I restart the process... I can use it ok from Android. I'm using Edge Chromium as browser Thanks. António
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