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  1. Its all good, I fixed it by setting the following:

    QT_auto_screen_scale = 0 and QT_screen_scale_factor = 1.


    When I had set to fractional scaling like 1.25 then I noticed a large amount of lag and some pixelation but setting it to 1 has fixed the issue.

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  2. I want to provide an update. 

    On the nightly version of Firefox the flickering has been fixed. 

    Although the website domain does not seem to be getting passed to Enpass afterwards.... It never matches any of your logins you have manually search through the full list

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  3. Hello, 

    I am using the latest Enpass on Windows 10. 

    The issue I have noticed is that scaling looks off with certain items very large or certain very small. 

    Due to this I applied this fix: https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/troubleshooting/enpass-looks-too-small-or-big-on-my-display-how-can-i-fix-it/

    Although after setting this setting the Enpass application becomes very laggy ... all the animations run very choppy and overall the application becomes slow to use. 

    So I went and disabled the setting and the lag from the application finished. 

    Can we get a permanent fix for scaling without side effects? 

  4. Hello, 

    I was looking to ask for the following suggestion:

    In certain password managers (lastpass, 1password) the browser extensions have a login field button.

    This button has a dropdown lets you quickly fill a login if your vault is unlocked making the process a lot more seamless for mouse users. 

    It would be great if enpass could add something like this!

    This can be seen here: ki4mvpp5ktjd.jpg

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