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Found 2 results

  1. Over the course of > 10 years, I now have more than 10 old passwords for many login items (right mouse click on password field, history) that are never used anymore but still use storage. To keep the vault as small and tidy as possible for fast syncing (vault is now 2.4MB), I would like to see an option to quickly delete old and unused passwords. It is possible to delete the password field and recreate the field by copying the current password, but that should be easier. Perhaps if you right-click on a password field there will be an option to delete old passwords and perhaps keep the newest 2 or 3. Something along those lines? Or that it is adjustable how many passwords you want to keep?
  2. Hey all. Just switched from Lastpass, and so far I am really loving the speed and simplicity of Enpass! I imported all of my data, and didn't realize how "dirty" some of my lastpass URL's were. For example instead of saving att.com or even myattdx22.att.com, the following "domain" was saved by lastpass: http://myattdx22.att.com/commonLogin/igate_wam/multiLogin.do Do you folks have any suggestions on how to clean this up? I was thinking of exporting from Enpass (I have already done a bunch of manual cleaning) and then running through some sort of regex domain cleaner...but then again, I tend to over-complicate things
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