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  1. Come on Enpass - I am a developer and I am willing to help debug however you want, but you have to show some initiative here. How can I get you the information you need?
  2. Enpass Version: 5.6.19 (5548) Windows 10 (64-bit) Build 1803 [17134.407] Google Chrome: 70.0.3538.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable) We have two separate Windows Profiles on this computer. One profile works as expected with Enpass - but the other profile (let's call it profile B) barely works with Enpass at all. The chromecast extension allows us to login as expected on Profile B, but when on a website, it doesn't offer any suggestions. If you start typing in the website name, you can see the proper URL's pop up. However, if you select the right entry, it acts like it's going to fill in the username password, but really it just reloads the website. If you do the exact same exercise on profile A, it auto-suggests the right website, and it fills in the fields and logs in as expected. What have I done to trouble shoot this? On profile B: uninstall Enpass, wipe away all user data in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\SinewSoftwareSystems.EnpassPasswordManager_XXXXXXXX Remove full Chrome profile in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ Reinstalled Enpass, Chrome Profile Disabled all chrome extensions except for ENPASS Rebooted several times Nothing I try fixes "Profile B", and yet, "profile A" works perfectly. Enpass support, can you please help!?
  3. Sorry to respond in a completely unrelated topic @Akash Vyas - do you know what's wrong with the forum? I am trying to create a new post, but it keeps giving me CleanTalk. Spam protection *** Forbidden. E-mail seems to be spammer. *** I am using the same account that I always have...and I don't spam
  4. @SANGIL PARK do you know if it's being worked on? Did the team contact you outside of this forum post by chance?
  5. Any update on this? We are still hoping to get an ENPASS workflow added to Alfred
  6. With ChromeOS on the rise, it's hard to understand how the Chrome Connector lags so much - when the experience is so good on all other OS'es. It works ok for a while but eventually stops working - you have to reboot the chromebook (I have a Pixelbook on the latest OS version) to get it working again. What can I do to help debug this?
  7. Just keep swiping down (and up) on your notification shade until you can hit the notification. It will eventually work
  8. Adam

    ChromeOS issues

    Hey, this sounds like my issue I posted on reddit...here is my synopsis below Hey All. Switched from lastpass to Enpass a month ago and so far have mostly been loving it. My issue is that my wife needs to also love it, and the last thing plaguing that request is chromebook. I actually bought her a new chromebook that could run Android Apps after finding out that Enpass requires this (which I still don't understand since lastpass handles this ok...don't get me wrong, I understand that LP has it's own cloud...so that is likely the deal) Anyway, I am having lots of issues with the Chromebook connector. After reading the user guide, it really seems like this should mostly work out of the box once I enable the Autofill option in the Android app on the chromebook. However, here are my symptoms My Home router subnet is My chromebook of course has an IP address in this ranger The IP address that shows up in the Enpass android app for 'Autofill in Chromebook' is 100.115.X.X:10391 what the heck is this address?? If I set the connector equal to this address, where is my data getting shipped to?? The automatic IP that shows up in the Enpass Chrome Connector extension is Again...where does this even come from? So, what is the proper fix to get this working? I have been back and forth with support, and despite the fact that I am a developer and giving them a quite technical breakdown of what's happening (and the desire to help them debug through the developer console), I feel like in a way, they are giving me about as little effort in the way of support as possible. I love enpass and want to stick with it, but my wife needs to love it too for this to work. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  9. @Akash Vyas how can I prevent the https://support.bittrex.com/ login from showing up when I go to https://bittrex.com/account/login ?
  10. In Windows 10, I have Browser-> "Match URL hostname" checked how come when I browse to https://bittrex.com/account/login in my browser both of these logins show up? https://bittrex.com/account/login https://support.bittrex.com/ These are separate logins, but I thought with Match URL Hostname checked, that explicitly only the first option would show up as an offered login?
  11. Hey all. Just switched from Lastpass, and so far I am really loving the speed and simplicity of Enpass! I imported all of my data, and didn't realize how "dirty" some of my lastpass URL's were. For example instead of saving att.com or even myattdx22.att.com, the following "domain" was saved by lastpass: http://myattdx22.att.com/commonLogin/igate_wam/multiLogin.do Do you folks have any suggestions on how to clean this up? I was thinking of exporting from Enpass (I have already done a bunch of manual cleaning) and then running through some sort of regex domain cleaner...but then again, I tend to over-complicate things
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