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Found 4 results

  1. I have been using the new version 6 on Windows 10 for a few days and I have found the following issues: 1. The 'Duplicate' menu item (I recall that it was in the Edit menu) is now missing - or at least I can't find it. Has this feature been removed? 2. Password generator - the minimum number of words for pronounceable passwords is now 3. It used to be 2. A 3 word password is too long. Is this a bug or was the change intentional? 3. Custom logos - I like this new feature. However I have had some difficulty selecting the correct dimensions for an icon that will work properly. I have found by trial & error that an icon with an approx dimension of 200x200 pixels works pretty well. It would be nice if the required custom icon specification was in your manual. Also, after my experimenting I have collected quite a few icons that are the incorrect size and I would like to delete/remove. There is no option to do this. Please add the ability for the user to be able to also remove custom icons. 4. I am not keen on the blue/white colour scheme. Too flashy for me. I realize this is a matter of taste so it would be nice to be able to revert to a standard Windows theme. thank you.
  2. Hello, I use you fantastic app for a while now. I use webdav sync on synology for a while, wich works fine. But all my entries are just duplicated. I would like to know how to remove the old ones automatically because i have hundred of lines. It's really easy to reproduce because your app do not make any check : 1 - I activated a year ago a sync with webdav url from my computer A 2 - I didn't use Enpass on that computer until this morning. 3 - I created a new webdav url a month later that i use since 11 months with computer B. 4 - i just realize this morning that my computer A do not use correct url , but old one. 5 - ok, i just refresh webdav connexion on the new url (the trouble is here, your app KEEP all entries locally even after changing sync method, it do not realize that it is a new copy of itself) 6 - all my entries are duplicated...... I'm really desapointed.. i need to check each record last update date and remove the one that is 1 year old .... Many many hours will be necessary for updating .... If you have an idea ? Regards, A.M.
  3. Hey, I was trying to fill out a login and found that I have two, opened the software and found 400-ish items instead of 200. The problem is that I had saved new items before noticing the problem so I can't just restore from the backup. I have the latested everything, in addition to using Enpass on Android(Beta tester) and on iOS. And I use Dropbox to sync. Is there a way to repair the database without losing the new items?
  4. Hi, thank you for great work you do! I have some items which has two similar url fields. For example github.com: main page url: https://github.com/ sing in url: https://github.com/login When I am trying to login github browser extension show me item twice. I was confusing to choose first time, because items look equal. Is that behavior normal? Can I do something to see only one item (except make item contains only one url)? MacOS 10.10.5, Enpass 5.2.1, Chrome 51.0.2704.79 (64-bit) I attached screenshot such situation.
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