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Found 4 results

  1. I have been using the new version 6 on Windows 10 for a few days and I have found the following issues: 1. The 'Duplicate' menu item (I recall that it was in the Edit menu) is now missing - or at least I can't find it. Has this feature been removed? 2. Password generator - the minimum number of words for pronounceable passwords is now 3. It used to be 2. A 3 word password is too long. Is this a bug or was the change intentional? 3. Custom logos - I like this new feature. However I have had some difficulty selecting the correct dimensions for an icon that will work properly. I
  2. Hello, I use you fantastic app for a while now. I use webdav sync on synology for a while, wich works fine. But all my entries are just duplicated. I would like to know how to remove the old ones automatically because i have hundred of lines. It's really easy to reproduce because your app do not make any check : 1 - I activated a year ago a sync with webdav url from my computer A 2 - I didn't use Enpass on that computer until this morning. 3 - I created a new webdav url a month later that i use since 11 months with computer B. 4 - i just re
  3. Hey, I was trying to fill out a login and found that I have two, opened the software and found 400-ish items instead of 200. The problem is that I had saved new items before noticing the problem so I can't just restore from the backup. I have the latested everything, in addition to using Enpass on Android(Beta tester) and on iOS. And I use Dropbox to sync. Is there a way to repair the database without losing the new items?
  4. Hi, thank you for great work you do! I have some items which has two similar url fields. For example github.com: main page url: https://github.com/ sing in url: https://github.com/login When I am trying to login github browser extension show me item twice. I was confusing to choose first time, because items look equal. Is that behavior normal? Can I do something to see only one item (except make item contains only one url)? MacOS 10.10.5, Enpass 5.2.1, Chrome 51.0.2704.79 (64-bit) I attached screenshot such situation.
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