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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. My use case is that I use Enpass to share passwords with my wife. I have created a secondary vault (on Dropbox) that I share with her because it is not possibly to share an additional vault on the same drive (iCloud, Dropbox or Onedrive actually, I tested them all). That’s a shame because I am paying for iCloud because I believe their security is better than Dropbox especially with their new end to end encryption. So I would like to share a secondary vault on iCloud but it is not possible. Could you please consider the creation of secondary vaults on the same drive service? Thank you.
  2. Dear Developer, I'm an Pro user of enpass since 2017 and the app is great. Recently I seen so many reviews on web, youtube and elsewhere.. most of the reviews says so many cons of enpass like customer support.. I request you to take feed back via whatsapp or telegram group and connect with customers via whatsapp or telegram so you can find better solution.. every users can not use emails of forum.. your whole feedback and discussion available on forum only.. but whatsapp or telegram used by everyone so try to reach via whatsapp or telegram so no one miss the update and every release gives details via telegram channel or group.. every big Companies use more social platforms so that they can reach with more users...as a professional student I know the value of marketing and business expansion.. so try to go via telegram and whatsapp so users can send u feedback very fast and effectively.. so more and more users gain your info and gives very positive path to your business. Hope u considered my feedback as a valuable and take reasonable steps as soon as possible..
  3. Is there a support for start with command line parameters in windows? For example, keepass supports start with -password parameter, so I can write that in a shortcut and start automatically unlocked.
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