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Found 7 results

  1. I have two vaults and two Nextcloud accounts. In the Enpass desktop version I configured each vault syncing with one of these Nextcloud accounts. When I try to do the setup in iOS there is the following problem: I enter the NextCloud URL for the first vault. I have sign in the corresponding NextCloud account. This works. When I try to repeat this for the second vault with the second account on the same NextCloud server, it is not possible to do this, because I'm still logged in the first NextCloud account and can't logg out. I don't even know how long to wait for the session being closed. Any help?
  2. Since Covid a lot of our users work remotely at times and we use windows remote desktop services. The problem is Enpass uses the same 5 ports for all users to communicate between browser plugins and enpass program. So the first 5 will have working plugins. And everybody else won't as ports are already used. It would be immensely helpful if those 5 ports could be changed in the Enpass Programm and Browser Plugin Settings. Not sure for other Plugins, but Chrome one already has Settings. thanks a lot in advance
  3. Hi ! I am a happy user of the free enpass desktop app. I'm using it on windows seven x64 and never had problems. A few days ago, I found (security settings) that it is possible to add a pin code to "re-open" it quickly. Very useful So I inserted such a pin code and.... forgot it... Too bad. I had to close and re-open enpass to change my forgotten pin code. And then came a question : I don't want to "crack" or bypass the security but I would like to know where enpass does keep its settings ? in the registry ? in a particular folder ? I was not able to find it by myself. Thank you for reply and sorry about my poor english
  4. settings screen hangs does not open Attempting to open settings or sync (want to setup cloud sync) on Free Desktop version. The screen never loads. Hangs after clicking settings from drop down menu. App "freezes" and eventually times out to the Master password lock screen. Tried reinstalling. Tried disabling anti-virus. Same issue persists. Windows 10 PC.
  5. All- I use Win 8.1. My Taskbar is placed at the Top. When activating, in the lastest 2017 06 22 Enpass, the "Settings" window, overwhelms the top of the Desktop. It cannot be resized to make it manageable NOR to see the lower left "Save" button. Please debug to allow proper "Settings" Window resize + move-ability. --- Qalisto -------------------------------
  6. When I adjust settings on Linux (Arch Linux), settings do not persist after I close the app. How is data saved and loaded? How can I ensure that my settings persist after closing the app?
  7. When Enpass UWP is opened in the connected display via Windows 10 Continuum, the settings page is non-functional. Clicking on any of the menu options does nothing.
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