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Found 7 results

  1. RicW

    Touch ID and Menu Bar

    Hi, I've just migrated from 1PassWord because their latest pricing and subscription model drove me off. I had seamless transition over to EnPass and so far liking it. Unfortunately, the below are what I observed and hope that you could assist to resolve: 1) Do not want EnPass running at main background but at Menu Bar Steps to autofill website details is not user-friendly but troublesome. As I do not want to run EnPass app at the background (to conserve battery and memory), I would have to start EnPass app whenever I want to autofill details at website. At 1PassWo
  2. Hello, I used 1password before and i am a little disappointed now. I often use the password manager to log in to websites or apps. I can use the enpass extension here but always have to enter the master password. Touch ID or Face ID only work in the main app but not in the extension. This was much more comfortable with 1password. Is an update planned for the near future? Otherwise I will quickly cancel my purchase at Apple to get the refund and stay at 1password.
  3. Hi, i've Enpass on iPhone and i forgot master password because I USED to access with touch ID. I used my finger to open enpass with touch ID, but my finger was not recognized at first and then the option for finger dessapiered. Now i dont remember my enpass master password. I have: 1. turned off and on my phone 2. deleted enpass in background After these options, i have opened enpass again, but enpass automatically says "touch id failed" even thugh i havent put my finger on the home botton. How can i make enpass ask my touch id again? I dont want to lose the p
  4. Hello. I've moved from 1password recently and enpass is really great and worth buying. However, I'm a little bit uncomfortable with the initial logging feature. When I launch enpass application on Mac, I can only use 'touch id' after logging in to the application typing my password. Are there any ways to set 'touch id' as default to run the application initially? If not, do you have any plans to support this? or is it impossible due to certain reasons such as security?
  5. Hi folks! We have just rolled out a new update Enpass Beta v5.5.0.80 for Mac with Touch ID and Touch Bar support. Along with this, you will notice many other improvements and fixes. The complete changelog of this beta is here: WHAT'S NEW Touch ID and Touch Bar support: Now unlock the Enpass with your fingerprint on the Touch ID-supported MacBook Pro. Also, you will see the enhanced controls in the Touch Bar of your MacBook Pro. Option to disable updates & analytics: Enpass connects to internet for cloud syncing, checking for updates and collecting anonymous analytics.
  6. Use the iPhone Finger Print/Touch ID to Unlock the Mac Enpass App, with iOS widget , Apple Watch or the iPhone APP , for older Mac´s without Touch ID!
  7. Hi there, The "Touch ID" setting does not appear in the Security screen, and I am not quite sure why. It is not really mentioned anywhere what the requirements are, other than that it requires iOS 8. I've got: an iPhone 5s iOS 9.3.2 latest version of Enpass (trial) fingerprint definitely enrolled - I unlock my phone with it Any help would be appreciated
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