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Import of 1passwd OPvault fails

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i want to import a 1password database which is in OPvault format. So, i went to 1passwd, and selected "export all items". This happened on macOS Sierra. The result was a folder called "1Password 2016-11-24, 10_56 AM (842 items and 1 folders).1pif". This folder wasn't recognized as a bundle, like the Photo Booth Library or something, just as a folder. Inside of this folder are 3 elements: a folder called "attachments", a folder called "previews", and a file called data.1pif.

I selected the import tool in enpass, selected 1password OPvault as the input format, and in the final file chooser dialogue, i selected the data.1pif file, because i couldn't select the containing folder. As a result, the import failed, because it said the file isn't a valid 1pif format. To be clear, this is exactly the file 1password outputted for me. 

So i struggled, and finally chose 1password agilekeychain as the input format. This time i could select the containing folder, and the import seems to succeed. But after watching the Import section in Enpass, i only see around 350 items. This does not match with the 842 items mentioned in the containing folder name. So, do i have to fear that during the migration process i lost just about 500 items? I do not want to manually check each database against each other, because it's a long and tedious process. 

So, please, can you tell me why a Opvault-Import of an opvault export file fails, but an agilekeychain import of an opvault export file seems to succeed but drops about 500 items from the database?


In a related context, i'd like to have the ability to add small files to an Enpass item, since during this migration process, all of my license key files attached to software license items in 1password are lost (but they aren't up to 500 items, just around 20 or so). 

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