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*.enpassattach file created


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I'm running enpass with webdav sync and I have a problem when I create a new item with an attachment.

Enpass creates a new file next to my enpass database with an *.enpassattach extension. I don't like this! I already have other small attachments in my database without an enpassattach file.


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Oke I just found this:

  • vault.enpassdb: This is a SQLCipher database which is 100% encrypted using your vault key. It contains all your data except attachments more than the size of 1KB. Bigger attachments are saved in a separate SQLCipher database.
  • <uuid>.enpassattach: These are SQLCipher database files for each attachment with size more than 1KB, encrypted by a randomly generated key that is stored in vault.enpassdb.

I have files that are 4KB and don't have a seperate enpassattach file. Is this because I already created those attachment before new version of enpass arrived?

It also seems that those enpassattach files are not automatically deleted when I delete the item in enpass (also after removing trash).

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