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Extension does not work on chromium OS X 10.11.6

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Currently Enpass supports extensions for widely used browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Safari and Opera browser.

Unfortunately, Chromium is not code signed and Enpass can not verify authenticity of browser. However, you can make Enpass extension work with Chromium browser by turning off the Code signature verification in main Enpass App as explained here in user manual. 

As mentioned here under Communication section, Enpass App validates authenticity of both extension and Browser before making any connection and serving data for autofilling. In case of Chromium Browser, Extension Validity Check gets passed but the validity check for Browser gets failed and you get the Enpass connection error. So if you turn off the code signature verification, you can bypass the Browser checking and set your foot into autofilling in Chromium Browser. 

To avoid any security risks associated with turning off the code signature verification, please make sure that you download the browser from the legitimate source and double check the authenticity of any extension you install.

Hope this helps!


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