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Metadata sent to rest.enpass.io

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A (german) article[1] about security/privacy protection of Enpass notes that that after Enpass sends some metadata after entering the master password:

GET /enpass/alert/?package=io.enpass.app&os=9&version= HTTP/1.1
Host: rest.enpass.io

I suggest to make this optional and being able to deactivate this i  the settings.

[1] https://www.kuketz-blog.de/enpass-proprietaerer-passwortmanager-mit-optionaler-cloud-anbindung/

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Hey @miwie,

Thanks for writing in.

I would like to share that Enpass connects (anonymously) to one of our domain (https://rest.enpass.io) to check if there is any message for the users like important security news and new update. It doesn’t send any kind of information there except the version number and OS name. The same is being mention in our FAQ page.

Also, you can disable "Check For Alerts" option from Enpass security settings if you don't want Enpass to send query on https://rest.enpass.io.




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