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Sync to a folder on another computer - but when on the road ...


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I set up sync to a folder between 2 mac computers on the same wifi router, but not sure if I set it up properly. 
The Enpass user guide does not provide instructions on how to set this up. I guess it’s intuitive, but I have a problem when I’m on the road w/ my laptop. 

I have: 
Desktop with the sync folder.
Laptop with sync folder on the desktop.
Both computers have file sharing turned on to each other. 
So each can connect to each other on the wifi router. 
But sometimes I’m on the road w/ the laptop away from my desktop which has the sync folder.
I prefer a local sync storage and not an internet accessible site like Google drive or Dropbox.

This is the problem I have:
When I’m on the road w/ my laptop and can’t connect to the desktop, I can’t look up passwords in Enpass on my laptop b/c I get a message stating 
‘there was a problem connecting to the server [desktop].  The server may not exist or it is unavailable…’
I believe the message is generated by the Mac OS, not by Enpass. 
And I get the spinning beachball  so I can’t use Enpass. 

However, on my desktop, when my laptop is not connected to my wifi, I can use Enpass on my desktop since the sync file is on the desktop.

This is how I sync my laptop to a folder on my desktop.
On my laptop:
1. Installed Enpass.
2. Setup Enpass preferences.
     Sync to folder option. 
     Connected to desktop, selected a folder.  
     Enpass created a subfolder ‘Enpass’ with file sync_default.walletx
     I guess this is a copy of the Enpass data file. 

And then on my desktop:
3. Installed Enpass
4. Once installed, then File – Restore
   Chose the desktop’s sync file. 
   Now the desktop has the Enpass data from the laptop. 

5. Setup Enpass preferences.
   Sync to folder option. 
   Chose the desktop’s sync folder. 
   So my desktop Enpass syncs to a file on the desktop itself.

Is the above setup correct? 
If so, any suggestions on how to get Enpass working on my laptop when I’m on the road? 


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