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Adding iPAD/Mac


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 I have been a long standing user of a purchased version of Enpass.  (over 6 years)

I use it on Android & Windows and no current issues.

I will be moving to a Mac Powerbook, it would make sense to have cross platform support, when I asked some time back (was going to add my iPAD) there was some issues that one license does not work across both platforms, and that I would need to move the datafile off DropBox onto some other vault storage.  So at that time I held off.

Now I am to move to a Powerbook it makes sense to do this.

Can you confirm the best approach for me to be able to add to MacBook & iPAD as well as maintain the use on PC & Android ?

Also if there is a way to do this without buying a 2nd license be keen to know.

At some point in future I may move to iPhone ... but not now.


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