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Allow credential copying or viewing during autofill activity


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Sometimes I've come across a website that will reject the autofill for the password field. The login screen appears, the autofill notifications appears, I click it and select the matching credential that shows up, and it proceeds to autofill but the website automatically clears the password field after autofilling. What would be great for situations like this and other situations, is that instead of granting ZERO access to any details of each credential during the autofill process (other than selecting which one to use for autofill) allow a button on the right of each entry to be able to open that credential to see and copy each detail of it... just like it does when you view them in the normal app. That way you can easily copy and then manually past the password or whatever other information without relying on the autofill system. Otherwise, one has to leave the browser or app, open the Enpass proper, then find the credential, open it to the details view and copy it there, then go back to the previous app. Instead, this could all be allowed to be done from within the autofill notification process. Just let us access the details, instead of not. Simple.

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