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'Smart' clipboard for password/username on mobile platforms


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I have been testing Enpass on ios and osx and am really impressed. I am ready to switch from my current password manager :)

I would like to make a feature request that I find really helpful with my existing ios password manager (pwsafe).

Its a 'smart' clipboard feature that allows fast entering of password and username into another app and it works like this. 

User case:

When I need to copy both the password and username to paste into another ios app (not safari).

How it works in pwsafe:

  • Open pwsafe app
  • select password to copy
  • go to other app (ex. paypal app)
  • paste password
  • flip phone upside down and the username gets copied to the clipboard
  • paste username into paypal app without having to switch back to the pwsafe app

This feature is awesome and a big time saver and I think this feature would definitely improve the workflow on all mobile platforms.


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