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OneDrive Sync error -102 (Desktop only)


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I just noticed it today after an update from Microsoft to fix a few bugs from the Tuesday update cycle.

Now, I also noticed that the Blink news settings I had were reset.  This may be related or not.  I read the other OneDrive topic and my eyes crossed.  The Windows phone Enpass works fine, but the desktop Enpass refused to sync.  I've been switching over from an older password manager that is not being supported anymore, but has still been working for now.  So, I was aware when it stopped syncing.  I have tried rebooting and checking for any remaining updates already.  I disconnected the Enpass desktop from OneDrive and tried to connect again.  It is now stuck on fetching..


I went to the www.msn.com site and access my settings on Microsoft.  When I went to the OneDrive.live.com I got a message that there was a problem accessing my files.  I went back and accessed my files from the OneDrive app and tried the OneDrive.live.com again and it worked.  Then I tried Enpass on the desktop and it started to sync up again.  There must have been an update somewhere to a setting that was needed.


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