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Passwords are changing on desktop app


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I'm not sure at all how this is happening, but passwords I'm putting into my desktop (Windows10) app are changing which is locking me out of hardware security devices forcing reconfiguration.
To call it annoying is an understatement.  Assuming this is not some horrendous bug, I have to come up with rather fanciful hypotheses as to how this could happen.  This time the password shows was far less secure than anything I would use for such an important purpose.  It showed something on the order of 25 characters when I'm utterly certain I used more like 80. 

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

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I have been using Enpass for several years and never encountered what you describe. If/when you use the password generator while editing an entry, make sure you actually fill/update the entry password field if and only if you are changing an account password. Also make sure you don't have duplicate entries with different passwords. If you generate or change a password outside of Enpass, be sure to always immediately update any related Enpass entry. When retrieving a password from Enpass, make sure you copy the correct/password field, not a username or other field.

Beyond that, I would suspect other software possibly interfering with Enpass.

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I'm fairly methodical and a former network engineer so I understand more about these sorts of things than most.  My method is to create the entry in EnPass before I've created the username/password pair in whatever app or tool.  This way I'm certain of the password I use from EnPass.  Given this, there should be no way for this to be a mental mistake on my part.  Also the size of the password is all wrong. I'm wondering if there's a bug in the cloud backup function (DropBox) and passwords are getting mixed up out of band from my using the password.  This would be a very bad bug on the part of the developers, but it would be easy to miss from the perspective of the test engineers as they wouldn't dream of this ever happening.  This has happened multiple times with this one password.

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3 hours ago, Dougga said:

...I'm wondering if there's a bug in the cloud backup function (DropBox) and passwords are getting mixed up out of band...

I assume you're referring to the cloud sync feature, for syncing your Enpass data across multiple devices (e.g. phone, tablet, laptop)? I use this feature (with Dropbox) to sync across no fewer than 5 devices. I have about 750 entries with a variety of password lengths (rarely more than 64 characters) and complexity and use Enpass daily.

The current version of Enpass seems to support the extended ASCII character set including in password fields, though the generator apparently doesn't include these characters even optionally. You would need to copy and paste such characters into an Enpass password field. I mention this because I would expect extended set characters to be potentially more troublesome.

If there were an Enpass (or Dropbox) bug causing corrupted passwords, I think there would be many other similar reports. An interesting exercise might be to show/echo the password you paste/enter where you encounter this trouble...

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