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Clear Clipboard not only clears passwords


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Just switched to Enpass from LastPass and are so far enjoying it. 

However I found it extremely annoying that Enpass clears the clipboard even if it isn't a password copied from Enpass there.

Maybe add a small if switch that checks whether what is in clipboard is actually the last copied password before clearing it?

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Guest Ankur Sahu

Hello guys,

Sorry for the problem you are facing. 

I request you to please provide more details like

  • Enpass Version.
  • Operating System and Desktop environment.

We will get back to you.

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Hi @all,

I can reproduce the error. Just open and be sure that the Enpass-Wallet is unlocked. Then copy something and a little bit more than the specific time in the Enpass settings.

Try now to insert it, it wan't work, because the clipboard was cleared.

@XiteHosting, maybe you can reproduce the issue, if you follow these steps.

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