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Preparing my family Pro accounts for the transition


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Before the subscription model starts can you help me understand if I need to buy more pro licenses for my 2 kids now to keep our family from needing a subscription later?  If so how can I buy them for them?

We currently have 4 Enpass pro licenses (1 android +1 iOS + 2 Windows 10).  This has been working for us, giving my family of 4 all premium features for all of the platforms and accounts shown below:

  • Me: 2 pro licenses (1 for android + 1 for Windows 10) 
  • Spouse: 2 pro licenses (1 for iOS + 1 for Windows 10)
  • 2 kids: NO pro licenses (yet both have premium on Windows 10 using their separate Microsoft IDs)

For the adults to get premium features in windows 10 we both had to buy pro licenses.  However when I went to buy pro licenses for my kids, their Enpass windows 10 app was missing the menu options to buy them, yet my kids have access to all of the premium features.  I confirmed their Enpass apps were installed from the Microsoft store.  We each log in with 4 separate Microsoft accounts, but my kids' show as child accounts within our Microsoft Family group.

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Thanks for the quick reply.  When I read the blog post I was not crystal clear we would be covered since it doesn't explain the transfer process. 

The 4 pro licenses we have are linked to just me (2 of them) and my spouse (2 of them).  0 linked to my kids now.  Are you saying that we will be able to reassign 2 of them to be linked to our 2 kids?

Is it simply, each individual pro license owned now can be converted to a complementary full subscription that can be assigned to anyone after the transition?   What will each complementary subscription be linked to?


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