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I have emailed support but haven’t heard back yet.  Is there any way to get a confirmation your current model of local storage and syncing to third party cloud storage will be the long term direction of your product.  I am moving to your product and want to recommend it to my clients currently using a competitor that is now changing directions to sync all data with their own proprietary cloud.  I just can’t get behind that model.  Your currently model is awesome and just looking for confirmation it will remain this way.  Thanks very much!

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Hi @EMike 

Thanks for writing in. You needn't to worry about it, and take it as a word from me that we will stick to our current business model of providing the offline version of Enpass. It is also confirmed that our individual users like you would not be forced to switch to any subscription model and would keep getting the updates the same way throughout the lifetime of Enpass.


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