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Help : All Database Item Duplicated


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I use you fantastic app for a while now.

I use webdav sync on synology for a while, wich works fine.

But all my entries are just duplicated.

I would like to know how to remove the old ones automatically because i have hundred of lines.

It's really easy to reproduce because your app do not make any check :

1 - I activated a year ago a sync with webdav url from my computer A

2 - I didn't use Enpass on that computer until this morning. 

3  - I created a new webdav url a month later that i use since 11 months with computer B.

4 - i just realize this morning that my computer A do not use correct url , but old one.

5 - ok, i just refresh webdav connexion on the new url (the trouble is here, your app KEEP all entries locally even after changing sync method,  it do not realize that it is a new copy of itself)

6 - all my  entries are duplicated......


I'm really desapointed.. i need to check each record last update date and remove the one that is 1 year old ....

Many many hours will be necessary for updating ....


If you have an idea ?






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Incredible. I have a backup from yesterday from all my entries on my computer B.

It seems that i just have to restore it ant it should sync back to computer A (throw my webdav sync url).

But it do not works !

When i try to restore the backup (on computer B), it works fine. But sync configuration change at the same time  from Webdav to nothing !!!

If i configure webdav again, the duplicated entries are then synced back from synology and replace my local entries .....

Incredible.... if i find a solution i will tell you.


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