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I'm sure this has probably been suggested before, so I apologize if this is old hat, however after my initial experience attempting to use it with Chrome in Windows 10 I can say that it's simply too clunky of an experience to recommend it to non-technical users.

My suggestion is that the Chrome extension be redesigned to function as a standalone extension, not requiring the native app to be installed or running. I'm sure there are technical limitations to be addressed, and maybe they are insurmountable, but for the average user it will never become a replacement for competitors like Lastpass until it works this way. From what I can tell, the main obstacle is that the data isn't stored on your servers, so it becomes difficult to access by the extension, but is there literally no way for an extension to sign into google drive and access the database there? It seems pretty odd if this was impossible across the board.

Are there any plans to attempt a redesign along these lines?

On a side note, I will sing the praises of the Android O beta version, which works almost flawlessly. The new autofill API is amazing.

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I use Firefox and with the Enpass extension in this browser, I can connect with this extension without having to do it by the main program (but it must be active).
Enpass does not back up data on the developer's servers but on the server chosen by the user. This is not necessary except of course if you want synchronization between several devices.
Enpass also backs up locally (on the PC therefore), which Lastpass does not do.

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