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Unable to buy on website/desktop (Linux)


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I started using Enpass and try it for future Password manager for our small team.

1. there is no option how to upgrade to Pro (Android app is able to)

Im on Fedora with Enpass version 6.3.3 (601)

my colleague also cannot find where to upgrade to pro

Windows 10, desktop client also 6.3.3

This is strange... you dont want our money? We want it, we want you but its not possible? Why?

2. Is it possible to buy bulk licence for whole team about 15 people? Authorized by e.g. domain name of the company.

Kind Regards

Your future customer

Zbynek Koci

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We're happy to know that Enpass is doing its job for your team. Enpass has been free for Linux and with version 6.3.x, Enpass is entirely free for desktops including Windows and Mac(that justifies for the unavailability of any purchase option in the Enpass app :)). Also, you get all the features and that too without any limitation.

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