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  1. Hello @Steph@n, Thanks for explaining the problem details. We'd been busy identifying the issue and look for a solution to them. Enpass currently doesn't support auto-fill of the identities that have been imported from other PW managers. You can, however, create a similar identity within Enpass and auto-fill. We acknowledge your feedback and thank you for highlighting this. Our team has started working on the vulnerability and we'll be releasing a fix for this in the forthcoming updates. Let us know if you have any other suggestions. Thanks.
  2. Hey @Deftoned762, We tried but weren't able to reproduce the issue with OneDrive sync on our Linux machines. Could you try running the command sudo apt-get update on your Linux system, and check if the OneDrive sync works. Thanks.
  3. Hey all, Microsoft has officially announced the launch of the "stable" version of its new Edge Chromium browser for both Windows and Mac platforms today. We are glad to inform that Enpass browser extension is fully compatible with the latest release of Edge browser. You can install the Enpass browser extension for Edge from the download page here. If you face an issue or would like to share any feedback, feel free to comment on the forums. Thanks.
  4. Hey @MadeMyDay, Thanks for reporting this issue. We've started working on it and look for the bug causing the issue. We'll keep this space updated with findings from our dev team. Thanks.
  5. Kashish

    OS X Enpass keep syncing

    Hey @Stumpy, We're sorry for not responding earlier. We regularly monitor forum posts, but this post somehow passed over, and we came across this today while filtering unanswered forum posts. We regret this. It seems you were facing an issue with iCloud sync. If you're still facing the problem, please try disconnecting and reconnecting the sync. Also, update Enpass to the latest version. If the problem persists, let us know; we'll look into the issue. Thanks.
  6. Hey @mrgrammar, Welcome to the forum! It seems you created a new category and selected a specific vault (e.g Vault 1). Make sure you select all vaults when you create a new category. This will ensure that a custom category is visible across each vault. Similarly, whenever a new custom template will be added within the custom category, that particular template will be available while adding a new item in any vault. Thanks.
  7. Hey @ajbp95, Welcome to Enpass forum! Could you let me know which sync option are you using to sync your PC and Android device? If you're using a folder-sync and the newly-added items aren't visible on the PC, then most probably they wouldn't have synced to your Android device's sync file. Please disconnect the sync on Android device, delete the sync file and sync again. Use the same file on your PC to check if all the data now syncs. Thanks.
  8. Hey @AndyMac, Thanks for sharing your concern on the forums. If I've understood correctly, Enpass currently doesn't support option to delete multiple tags at once. You'll have to remove an individual tag separately. Please correct if I assumed your scenario wrong or if there's something that I missed. Thanks.
  9. Hey @pio93qwertz, Thanks for reaching out. Our dev team still has this feature request under their belt, and they're working on it. It will take additional time to implement this, and we appreciate your patience. Thanks.
  10. Hello @Lukasaz1999, Thanks for your reply. Please try running the following commands on your Linux system's terminal: sudo update-desktop-database sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime Try rebooting your system after running the above commands and check if issue fixes. Thanks.
  11. Hey @Deftoned762, Thanks for sharing the details. Regarding Google Drive error code 401, could you please try disconnecting and then re-establishing the sync again? Also, check if you're using any proxy or firewall on your system. Thanks.
  12. Hey @False, Yes! You can unhesitatingly restore your Android purchase for Enpass on your iOS device. You don't have to purchase Enpass subscription again. If you've already registered your email within Enpass on Android, use the same email on Enpass(iOS) under Account settings. Please find help article here for more info. Thanks.
  13. Hey @user3458, Thanks for sharing the details. Please note that fixing auto-fill issues are our priority, and we're working on it. Meanwhile, I've noted down the issue and forwarded it the dev team for improvement of the functionality. Thanks.
  14. Hey @sporto, Thanks for joining Enpass forums. We can recognise your concern. We're noting down this issue for the present, and forwarding it to the concerned team for further analysis. We've added the feature request for this and hope to have it added in future app updates. Thanks.
  15. Hey @Maronii, Thanks for joining the forums and posting your concern. For security reasons, your iCloud session expires periodically. To avoid this, you first need to disconnect the sync with iCloud from Enpass settings, then again enable it, and you’ll be redirected to the iCloud login page. Here you just have to enable “Keep me signed in” as shown in the image below and fill in the details to log in. For more details, please click on this link to see the screenshot. Hope this helps! Thanks.
  16. Kashish

    Sync across devices

    Hey @Ulrich Herbertz, Thanks for reaching out at forums. Please note that sync isn't compatible between different versions of Enpass i.e. version 5 and 6. Both the Enpass versions are based on different internal architecture, hence, can't sync amongst themselves. You can read the help article on restoring v5 cloud data in v6 here. Thanks.
  17. Hey @rev4ge, Welcome to the forums! We understand your concern. Could you please check if you've enabled "Open automatically at system startup" in Enpass settings? If Yes, please disable it and check if the issue resolves. Thanks.
  18. Hey @arnekolja, Arne, Thanks for joining Enpass forums and reporting the issue. We've noted down the details of the issue and our QA team is looking into the issue to investigate further. We'll keep you posted on the updates. Thanks.
  19. Hey @CT94, Welcome to the forums. It's strange to read as Enpass doesn't require an active network connectivity while opening or logging in. Could you please share the Android version, the Enpass version and the device name? Also, do you face any error or an issue while opening Enpass without an active internet connection? Thanks.
  20. Hey @Steph@n, Thanks for sharing the version number. Have you enabled Look Me Up in iCloud drive settings on your device? Additionally, try enabling iCloud drive on your device, if not already done and check if you're able to sync with iCloud in the Enpass app. Thanks.
  21. Hello @revanmj, We've started working on a fix for the Android Watch installation issue and a fix will be available soon. We request your patience and co-operation. Thanks.
  22. Kashish

    Sync across devices

    Hey @eyecrispy, We regret the inconvenience with cloud sync. Do you get any particular error while syncing or does the sync set up successfully? Also, share the device model name and the Enpass version you're facing the issue on, we'll check the issue. Thanks.
  23. Hey @ijprest, Thanks for reporting this issue. Did you try changing the default browser on your system to see if there are different results? Let us know what all browsers did you try and face the same issue? Thanks.
  24. Hey @Sandzhaj, Thanks for sharing your issue on the forum. One probable cause for the repeated authentication seem to be the Browser Authorization settings under Enpass settings. Please check under Enpass browser settings -> Browser Authorization if the checkbox is enabled. If it's enabled, please disable it. Meanwhile, we're sharing the screenshot of the issue with the concerned team. @Sandzhaj could you please confirm the following: Enpass version you're using. Browser name and the version. Did you try checking the same with any other browser? Thanks.
  25. Hey @Adam DZ, Thanks for sharing the version info. If there's a network firewall configured at your workplace, Enpass wouldn't communicate with the Dropbox servers, and hence you won't be able to set up sync. To setup Dropbox sync, you'll have to ask the administrator to allow network access to Dropbox. Thanks.
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