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  1. @Chris uses Enpass Hey Chris, First sign out of iCloud account on your system's default browser. Next, as soon as you select iCloud in Enpass sync settings, Enpass redirects you to a web page which looks like below : Here, you'll find the checkbox next to Keep me signed in. Make sure to check it and then proceed to enter the password.
  2. @Jonas EnP what version of Enpass you're using? also, which iOS device do you have?
  3. @Jonas EnP this needs to be added as a feature request. we've forwarded your feedback.
  4. this may take around a month's time.
  5. Hey @JJK Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. Also, sorry for the delay in response. As far as I understood you wish to sync your Enpass database so that you and your wife both can access and edit the database saved in Enpass. To do so, please follow the steps mentioned below- Open Enpass on your device and go to Enpass settings --> Click on 'Vaults' --> Select the vault which you wish to share with your wife---> Select ‘Set up Sync’ and choose a cloud account to your database. Enter your cloud account details, follow the instructions, and wait till the sync is done. Open Enpass on your wife’s Phone--> Click on ‘Settings’ → Click on ‘Vaults’ -->Click on “+“ and create a new vault/ Select the vault you wish to sync ---> Select ‘Set up Sync’ and choose the same cloud account from which you had enabled sync on your device. Once the sync is done, the database from your device will be restored(visible) on your wife’s phone. Also, you can refer to this FAQ. Let me know if you have any query. Hope this helps!
  6. Hey all! There is presently an issue with the OneDrive sync, as reported by users in the forum here. We're aware of the problem and are already thinking of a fix to it. Meanwhile, we request you to follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the same forum post by our team members. If the issue persists, even after following the troubleshooting steps, we'll recommend reinstalling the app as a temporary fix to the problem. Thanks.
  7. @Bones Thanks for the info. If you've logged out from all the browsers, then it should be possible to sync with your preferred OneDrive account. Try connecting sync with OneDrive. If the issue persists, please share a screen-record of your phone.
  8. @Mohammed You can't configure keyboard shortcuts manually in the app. There's an option to change the keyboard shortcut for calling Enpass assistant. Also, I couldn't understand by the "generated password request". Could you explain it in more detail?
  9. @Nimber Welcome to Enpass forums. Thanks for writing in. Could you help us with the Enpass version you're using? You'll find it under Menu(Hamburger button) -> Help -> About. Also, let us know the Mac model and the OS version. Thanks.
  10. @Roobert Okay. We see that, but do you want to sync Enpass database over the same WebDAV? In the context of our application, WebDAV sync implies syncing your vault over a WebDAV account so that you have access to your passwords across all devices. Is that what you're looking for or is it something we've misunderstood? In Enpass, under WebDAV vault sync, you can try entering the same URL 192.168.xxx.xxx in the URL field, but again, that would require a username and a password. Why don't you try the Folder sync option available in the vault sync settings. It seems that the WebDAV on your MAC could be accessible as a network folder. Let us know. Thanks.
  11. @123ABCXO Hello, We understand your concern is legitimate considering the privacy of the data and the security of the app, however, Enpass secures your data encrypted with the master password you choose. There's no way by which we can access your data as it is stored offline (not on company's servers). Moreover, we don't save the master password or any of its derivative with us, the data is only accessible to the user (with the master password). You can also visit the security page on our website to know more about how Enpass secures user's data. Let us know if you have any concerns. Thanks.
  12. @OptiqueMarquis As a user, we totally understand your concern about privacy and security of your data stored in Enpass, and we care for it. Nothing has changed in Enpass technically. It may look horrible but if we go into the details, things will look transparent. First thing first—At any point of time, we do not have access to the data secured in Enpass. It can never be accessed without your master password. This is a very standard practice when you are on the Internet and visit any website. If you open our website, visit our forums, your IP address with other technical information is used by the third-party forum software and spam detection services. We do not store your IP if you are only using our App. This information is collected and used to activate your license on the devices you're using Enpass. Also, we need this to notify you whenever a license is activated on any new device. This is a standard clause and is applicable only when you register yourself using social media services i.e. "Sign-in with Google" and "Sign-in with Apple", or if you use these service icons on our website footer to follow us on share any of our content on your social media. The previous Indian company still develops and manages Enpass, like before, and this clause covers them as our business and joint-venture partner. Again, please note your data in Enpass app is not your PD we have. Let us know if you have further queries or concerns, we'll be happy to help. Thanks.
  13. @dridde Make sure that the password is not the same. For the entries (in the screenshot) that show an identical password, could you try deleting them and restoring them from the Trash folder of Enpass and then check if they appear in the Identical list.
  14. @lcw731 Unfortunately, there's no way to export the data from mobile vault. You'll have to go through the long way of manually saving each password.
  15. @patanne Thanks for your inputs. We'll be working on this to close the app with the cross(X) button in the Windows platform.
  16. Dear Enpassians, I hope you all are safe. Ever since the release of version 6 of Enpass Portable, we've been overwhelmed by the user's response and support. We also understand that since then, it's been long, and there weren't any updates; hence, it was time for an updated release. We are glad to announce that the wait is finally over as we release the latest version of Enpass Portable for all desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux) to cater to the long impending user-requests. Enpass Portable version 6.4 comes with improved functionality in comparison to its predecessor. With the latest stable release, we've worked on fixing issues with the previous version, which were reported by our users. Here is What's New in the latest release: What’s New: Multiple Vaults: We are very excited to have the support of more than one vault in Enpass to collaborate with our family and team members, keeping our personal data separate in Primary vault. It was one of the most demanded features from you guys. You can share a vault with others by syncing through a common cloud account where each vault need a distinct cloud account to sync. Just go ahead, and give it a try! Secure Sharing: Every single item that you want to share with others can now be encrypted with a passphrase (call it Pre-Shared Key). You can create PSKs from the Advanced Settings of Enpass after which an additional option to Encrypt with PSK will appear while sharing the item. You need to share the PSK prior with the intended recipient to enable them to import in their Enpass. Please use a different medium to share the PSK than you’ll use to share the item. -“Keys are always kept hidden from the locks” ;-). Enpass Assistant: The minified Enpass is now called Enpass Assistant (Formerly Helper). It offers excellent autofilling experience with browser extensions, and you can invoke it from a Keyboard shortcut or System Menu bar. Always run Enpass Assistant in docked mode: From now onwards, you can stick the Enpass Assistant on the screen, and it won’t disappear when you click outside it. You can enable it from Enpass General settings under the Behavior section. Also, once the Enpass Assistant is opened, you can use the Keyboard shortcut Shift+Ctrl+ D to stick it on the screen. Keyfile Support: You want to have a super-duper strong master password, huh! Yeah, but memory has a limit to memorize it. No worries, you can use Enpass 6 to let you use Enpass-Keyfile in addition to your master password as a second factor required to unlock the Enpass on every platform. Website icons aka Favicons: Long-awaited support for Favicons is now available in Enpass as Website Icons. Yippe! Jump on to Enpass Settings -> Customize -> Website Icons and see the list swapping default icons to the respective URLs. Pwned Password section in Password Audit: A section for the passwords which are Pwned (compromised in a hack) under the Password Audit sections. The app will securely check all your passwords against the list of breached passwords in the past (via haveibeenhacked.com), and if found, the compromised passwords will appear under this section, which we recommend should be changed immediately. Classic View: Many of our Windows users still loving the Classic View and demanded the same for Enpass. And here it is. For Windows 7 and 8 the app by default run in the Classic theme and for Windows 10 you need to enable it from the app Settings > Customize > Theme > Select the Classic option and restart the app. Password subset: The feature makes a comeback, Enpass now lets you see certain characters of a password as specified by position. For example, “1st, 3rd, next-to-last, last” by just mentioning their place in a specified format. Exporting database in CSV Format: Now in addition to the JSON & TXT we also support exporting your data in the CSV format. Custom Icons: Let’s you set any image as an icon for an item. Trash & Archive: You know what to do with Trash. Archive those unwanted items which should be skipped while Searching. Identities: Create identities with personal information for auto-filling long, tedious sign-up forms with a single click. Multi-Line Field: It’s a new field type where you can save data in multiple-lines. History of Every Field: Like password fields, you can now see the history of changes in every kind of fields in an item except Notes. Dark theme: Added support for dark mode on macOS Mojave and Linux. A separate section under the ‘Groups’ tab to have a quick look at all TOTPs & Attachments. Added localization support for Afrikaans, Malay, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Slovak and Swedish. Now use PageUp/PageDown and Home/End buttons to scroll through items in the item listing. Enhanced the UI for light themes. Windows clipboard history won’t have any data copied from Enpass app. Enpass Portable users can continue using the existing version or download the latest version from here. We urge our users to spread the word on the Enpass community about the newest release so that we get maximum feedback from our users. If you have any queries or concerns regarding Enpass Portable, please visit here. Thanks.
  17. @Mark H Thanks for all the screenshots! Keyfile is certainly not hidden. Try removing the keyfile and generate a new keyfile to a different location. Check if that makes it accessible without Enpass.
  18. Kashish


    @Flint We regret the inconvenience. Please confirm the Enpass version, device OS and model. If possible, share a screenshot of Enpass security settings. Meanwhile, we're looking into this.
  19. @Statim We're continuously working on improving the app experience and adding new features. We understand WiFi sync has been in the list for long. We aren't confident of when, but, the feature is still in our list for implementation.
  20. @sunnywilson09 What all options have you enabled under Enpass Autofill settings? Meanwhile, we're already working on the user's feedback.
  21. @TTowers Yes! That's a bug in the current stable version of Enpass and we'll be releasing a fix for this soon.
  22. @patanne We already have this request in our road map. Moreover, it's not a bug or an impending issue, but a feature request so we've not put this in priority as of now.
  23. @Maxsi You could try installing Enpass version 6 on XP and share the results. We haven't tried it at our end though. Make sure you give Enpass portable ver 6 a try if the installation of standard Enpass doesn't work on XP. Download Enpass portable from here.
  24. @Statim This is already in our road-map for future but as of now, we're concentrating more on fixing existing issue with mobiles and desktops. So, we can't confirm when this will be picked up.
  25. @David on /e/ Enpass purchases are fetched from the PlayStore (on Android) and hence restoring purchases on a platform with no PlayStore account info will probably give errors. Because we don't support /e/ platform, so unfortunately, we aren't aware of a possible solution to this.
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