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  1. So this is a new feature only available in 6.8.0? I thought one of the computers was already up to date because it didn't tell me it was up to date. Also, I don't know why 6.7.2 kept telling me the file was corrupted when I used the software's built-in auto-update, so I had to download the installation file from the website. Now I have autocomplete, thanks.
  2. @Manish Chokwal I think you got my question wrong. My problem is with autocomplete in the Enpass application, not autocomplete at web login. I have two computers and one of them has autocomplete when creating a new item, but the other does not, and I can't find where to set this up.
  3. I found that when I create an item, the username and e-mail automatically retrieve the information of other items so that I can select them directly. However, I have two computers and one of them does not have this feature in Enpass, is there a switch for this feature?
  4. I know I can use "Save Webform" to save the web input data. But my problem is that it doesn't work properly after saving, so I hope you can add a feature for advanced users to input CSS selector by themselves.
  5. Hello, I found that many internet banking pages have poor autofill. So I hope you can add css selector for advanced users to input web elements to save the autofill. For example: https://mma.sinopac.com/MemberPortal/Member/MMALogin.aspx https://www.rakuten-bank.com.tw/ebank/ Thank you.
  6. @Garima Singh So is it possible to take away the restriction on this function so that users can also enter letters here instead of just symbols? Thanks.
  7. @Garima Singh Why is this field restricted to the characters the user can enter? Can't the user just hate to see certain letters in the password?
  8. The red-boxed field cannot be entered. Enpass Beta | 6.5.0 (701) Windows | 8.1 x64
  9. An item's webforms has an extra field, and after I clear the item's webforms, the search will also find the item's extra field. If I re-save this item on the webform, I see what should be cleared. I tried to export the JSON and found that some of the fields I had deleted were still there. So how do I completely remove the deleted field data from the application directly? If you wish to retain such information, why not add an extra field called deleted (Boolean)? When the field data is deleted set the value of this field to true like "deleted": true. This will avoid a lot of weird situations, right? Windows 10 1909 x64 Enpass beta v6.5.0 (695)
  10. https://ace.io/login I can't save the webform or login properly on this login page. The option to save does not appear for this extension. Windows 10 1909 x64 Cent Browser v4.2.10.171 x86 Enpass extension v6.4.0 Enpass portable v6.4.0
  11. @Thoughts? I tried, but it didn't help. The only way it would work is if I changed the password, but that's not really a solution.
  12. The default field will change its name according to the language of the program interface, but if I add my own field, I can't change the display name according to the language of the program even if the name is the same. So I would like to know if there is a way to create the same field as the default field to change the display name according to the language of the program interface? Thanks.
  13. Sorry, I meant that the portable version is slower to update than the others.
  14. Why does the portable version always lag so much behind other versions, when it should be something with the same architecture....
  15. This problem seems to occur every time the program is launched. If I lock the program and then unlock it, the numbers will be recalculated to be correct. But if I close the app and then launch it, the numbers will be wrong again.
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