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The task (checkbox) in the card of Scrintal cannot be checked or unchecked

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I found that with the Enpass extension enabled, the task checkboxes in Scrintal cards cannot be checked or unchecked.
I have checked in incognito mode, the issue occurs when enabling the Enpass extension alone.
The extension will cause the website to have errors like the one shown in the picture.image.thumb.png.5b8874f7986a50bea9426221acb19d8b.png

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Certainly, let me quickly look into this. Meanwhile, could you please provide the following details:

  1. URL link
  2. Browser version
  3. Enpass extension version

 Note: If the URL is not publicly accessible, please share the HTML saved page via DM to me.

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Posted (edited)

The service's URL is https://beta.scrintal.com/
The public release page created by this service is read-only and I cannot save an editable page into a usable version.
I tested it on three different browsers with the same result.

  • Chrome v124.0.6367.18 x64
  • Edge v124.0.2478.19 x64
  • Sidekick v120.58.1.38488 x64
  • Enpass v6.9.3
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Thank you for sharing the details and your efforts in providing information.  
 I've reported this issue to the Enpass technical team. They are currently investigating it, and I will reach out to you with updates as soon as I receive them. 

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To diagnose the issue you're facing on the website, we require some additional information. Could you please follow these simple steps and share the details with us?

  1. Open the webpage where the problem is occurring in your browser.
  2. Use the command “Ctrl + S” to save the webpage to your Desktop OR right-click on the webpage → Save Page As → Save.
  3. This action will save an HTML file and a folder of that webpage on your PC.
  4. Select both the HTML file and the folder, then compress them into a ZIP file.
  5. Share that ZIP file with us, and we will investigate the issue further.

Your cooperation in providing this information is greatly appreciated. Let us know if you need any further assistance!

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