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  1. Hey @Dorora, The error code 907978 seems to be an error with the WebDAV sync. You could either re-establish the sync after disconnecting it or you could take a backup of Enpass data, delete the Enpass folder(hidden) from the cloud and reinitialise the sync. Hope this helps in solving sync issue. Thanks.
  2. Hey @phughes Welcome to the forum! You couldn't access data on new phones as Enpass data is stored offline, not on any account. Do you have your old phones with you? You can establish cloud sync in Enpass and restore your data on the new phone with the same cloud account. Hope this helps. Thanks.
  3. Hey @Sully, Welcome to the Enpass forum! You can auto-fill login details for a website using Enpass browser extension without even having the need to copy-paste the passwords. If you wish to copy the passwords, open Enpass -> select the item -> click on Copy icon next to the password or right-click on the password field and click Copy. You can then paste the password on the website. If the above doesn't work, share the Enpass version with the download source(website or store) and the OS version you're using Enpass on. Thanks.
  4. Hello @JMeyer8152, Welcome to the forum! It seems that you've forgot the Enpass master password. Unfortunately, there's no way of recovering the master password once you've lost it. If you have a different query, just reply. Thanks.
  5. Hey guys, We've been receiving feedback on the latest Android update of Enpass. The users who had earlier purchased Enpass are unable to restore their purchase on the latest version. Please note that this is a temporary technical glitch due to which some users are presently affected. However, don't worry; the early purchase is safe. Our team is working meanwhile, and an update on the Play Store will be available soon. We regret the inconvenience. Thanks.
  6. Kashish

    Security audit

    Hey @Fabian1, We understand your concern regarding the security audit and appreciate your keenness towards Enpass. Over the last few months, we have been involved in charting out plans for the transition into a new business model. The security audit was postponed as the new subscription model required distinct app functionality, and a security audit earlier would stand useless for the new app. Once the new app version is released, we'll zero-in on the pending security audit. Thanks.
  7. Hey @Kathy, Welcome to the forum! You can restore the .enpassbackup file on Enpass v6 onwards. To do so, install Enpass(if not already installed) from website or respective app store and follow: On a fresh installation of Enpass, select Restore backup file and choose the .enpassbackup OR On an existing Enpass installation, create a new vault to restore the .enpassbackup file. You'll need the master password of the file to restore the data. Thanks.
  8. Hey @John Doe, Please change the Mac system's theme to dark mode to view Enpass in dark theme on MacOS. Thanks.
  9. Hey @chris7, Welcome to the forum! Could you please try reinstalling the extension and check if that helps? Also, check if auto-fill is enabled under Enpass settings. If you still face the issue, check with other browsers too. Thanks.
  10. Hey @John Doe, Thanks for your interest in Enpass. You can find keyboard shortcuts on the main Enpass window for item related operations by clicking ''More'' (vertical ellipsis) option on a selected item. Promotional offers are available only during a certain time; presently there are no offers/discount on app purchase. Enpass can be downloaded from Play store on Chromebook. You can use the app for free, however, there are premium features available as In-App purchases. Thanks.
  11. Hey @FernandoAg, Welcome to the forum! We regret the inconvenience. Assuming that you only disconnect the sync on Windows notebook, you can try disconnecting the sync from all devices and later re-connect it. There could be a temporary glitch with Enpass - Google Drive sync causing this issue. You may switch to OneDrive if it's feasible; it appears promising. Let us know if this helps. Thanks.
  12. Hey @Beckanva and @Massimiliano, There would be an option "Upgrade to Pro" under Settings in Enpass. You can use it to buy Enpass or restore your purchase. Thanks.
  13. Hey! We regret the inconvenience caused. Please download Enpass v6.1 for Windows from here and restore v5 data. Once restored, you can update Enpass v6.1 to ver 6.2 Thanks.
  14. Hi @Bebef, Please help us with the following info: Number of items and vaults in Enpass. Are you using any cloud services to sync? Did you change Enpass database location? Thanks.
  15. @qnetso There is presently a bug in Enpass v6.2. A temporary workaround is to rename the downloaded *.walletx file to walletx.db. On a fresh Enpassv6.2 installation, click on ''Restore from Enpass v5'' and then select the folder location where walletx.db file is present. The above will allow you to restore v5 data in v6.2. Thanks.
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