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  1. Hello @plinss, We understand that this issue surfaces when there are multiple search results. We've forwarded this feature request to our concerned team. We appreciate your co-operation. Thanks.
  2. Hello @plinss, Thanks for using Enpass. We really appreciate you for posting this feature request. We've forwarded your suggestion to our dev team. Thanks.
  3. Hello @abhibeckert, Thanks for using Enpass. We highly appreciate your careful comparison of various app icons with Enpass. We've considered your suggestion and forwarded it to the concerned team. Thanks.
  4. Hello @Christian F, Thanks for using Enpass. Please note that the ability to add expiration date to passwords is available in Enpass. To add an expiration date to password of any item, click on 'Edit' option of item and then click on "Password" to set "Expire after" days. Additionally, showing notification of password expiry is already in our road-map for future releases. Thanks
  5. Hello @Domenico, While disconnecting iCloud sync from Enpass, did you select the option "Also delete data from iCloud"? Please confirm. Thanks
  6. Hello @Idoki, We apologize for delay in communication. Please note that this is a known bug and the fix for this is in our road-map for future releases. Meanwhile, you can right-click on the new tab page to invoke Enpass. Thanks for your co-operation.
  7. Hello @Jay Pi, Thanks for your mail. Please note that our development team is working on this. We'll communicate you about update once the Beta version is released. We appreciate your patience.
  8. Hello @Inkx, Thanks for highlighting this. We understand that the log-in is annoying, and we've considered this feature improvement in our roadmap for future releases. Thanks.
  9. Hello @RubenJ, We regret the inconvenience. Please share the issue details at support@enpass.io, we'll look into this. Thanks.
  10. Hello @Elliot, We apologize for the inconvenience caused, however, this issue will be fixed in the latest update. Thanks.
  11. Hello @Simon92, Apologies for the inconvenience. Please share the issue screenshot with us so we can look into this issue. Thanks.
  12. Hey users, The issue with 'Windows Hello' has been addressed and will be fixed in the latest/upcoming update. We regret the inconvenience at present. Thanks.
  13. Hello @bogdanku, Please log-in to your Dropbox account on Safari browser. Once successfully logged-in, try syncing Enpass using Dropbox. If successfully authenticated, you'll be prompted on Dropbox to 'Allow access' to Enpass. Please let us know if this helps. If the issue persists, please drop a mail to support@enpass.io
  14. Hello @JonO, To resolve the sync error, please follow the below steps: Turn off the sync from all devices. Open OneDrive in any browser --> App --> Open Enpass Folder --> Select `vault.enpassdbsync file` --> Rename it as `oldvault.enpassdbsync`. Open Enpass on your device and enable sync with the OneDrive. Hope this helps!
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