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Security through Obscurity


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As the title suggests, I know the following does not actually make a more secure experience but, makes it harder at least by a little bit. Here are some features I would like to see:

An option to keep the database locked and still have browser extensions work. (It would actually be unlocked but, in order to use the Enpass app you must put master password.)
This would include getting saved passwords and adding new entries from the browser as well as access to the keygen.

An option so that in order to display password you must put master password. (Same with the extension. The extension should just obey the value set on the database)

An option so that you can't search for passwords using the extension unless you put master password. The only passwords that should show are ones that match for that site.

The extension should autofill without you having to hit the Empass button and selecting the password.


I know most of the above if not all can be defeated by the person just going to the site that you have saved and then changing the html so that the password field is a textbox field but, so do most password managers that don't lock. At least with the above there is some obscurity going on especially if they can't search as then they won't know what passwords you have saved.

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