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Enpass Team is sleeping?


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I have the impression that the Enpass team is sleeping. Almost nothing happens here. No bug fixes, no promised changes take place, no updates and no real improvements for a long time. The developers will only talk and that the fee will be collected every month...

Some examples:

Where are the common templates?

Why I can't still create templates from entries?

Why hasn't the bug with the ghost sections that cannot be deleted been fixed for more than 6 months?

Why  Enpass is working with a PIN after restarting my smartphone? 1Password requires the master password for security reasons. The Enpass team promised to change that months ago. 

Where is the option to use fingerprint and PIN at the same time?

When will there finally be a new independent audit? This has been promised for more than a year!

If you are also dissatisfied, please answer this complaint with "+1".

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