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Importing from 1password

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I have e-mailed in the past about things I noticed when importing from 1password (1pw), but recently I noticed that opvault support was there so I tried another import.

  • I noticed that a lot of the fields from 1pw are not recognized properly and/or you wind up with a lot of blank fields in the logins that you import. This is even after going through every login in 1pw and cleaning them up so they only have a username/password and remember me option set (1pw saves A LOT of garbage when it creates logins automatically). 
  • The import process does not recognize 1pw password history so you have a bunch of fields at the bottom of the login with older passwords (and you lose this once you import)
  • It seems like Enpass does not support mutiple URL's in the same way 1pw does so you seem to lose this as well after an import
  • Enpass does not have a facility to save attachments so you lose these attachments on an import as well
  • Importing into Enpass from 1pw seems to just drop everything into the All Items category and you have to go drop every login into the proper category. Please find a way to recognize the categories that 1pw uses and import properly

For further suggestions please consider adding the following:

  • Support for multiple URL's (if it's there already please let me know how to use them)
  • Support to save attachments
  • Support to save items such as passport photos, credit card photos, etc.
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