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  1. I noticed that the option to change the backup location is not available. I wanted to bring this up so that it can be fixed in a later release.
  2. +1 I would definitely be interested to see you posting the results of, say, a yearly audit of your code.
  3. Have you considered making the beta list part of the forum profile somehow? It would be great to have some check boxes in the forum profile for the versions of the beta that you would like to be a part of. I, previously, signed up for the Windows beta, but it seems I may have been removed from the list when it was renamed to Traditional Windows (beta).
  4. I just happened to be using a Windows 7 Enterprise (SP1) and noticed that the tray icon when you select (Dark) is a white invisible icon. I am not sure how many resources you want to throw at this one, but the white icon should have some sort of grey outline so that it's visible. Attaching screenshots. I know it has been mentioned before, but when you select DARK the icon is white and when you select LIGHT the icon is Grey. It seems like it should be the other way around.
  5. @MaxM I wish I could say that your suggestion works, but I double checked the fields and they are username, password, and organisation ID. Even though the username and password fields are the proper type nothing is filled out in Chrome when I click on the login.
  6. I have a banking website that has something similar. The site has 4 fields: Country (Drop Down - Automatically populated) Organisation ID User ID Password Enpass does not fill in anything for this site. I even tried deleting the login and entering the password, but Enpass doesn't even seem to pick up that the login needs to be saved. 1password was working for everything except the Organisation ID which I would have to copy/paste in manually.
  7. @Anshu kumar Yes, I have disabled auto-submit for now, but I wanted to make sure to bring this to your attention so that it can be fixed. I think you will all see a lot more feedback from me in the future. I am a long time 1password user that was looking for an alternative because I don't want to use dropbox just to be able to sync my vault.
  8. This is not a feature request per se, but would you consider releasing a blog post (or a forum post) that covers off what features are coming in the Enpass development pipeline? I am not asking for hard dates, but I think we would all love to know what is coming so we aren't requesting features that are already being worked on.
  9. To me it seems that this is a good feature to have, but I wouldn't want to look at anything unless it is older than 1-2 years. I started to question if the guys at Enpass thought about whether or not they will include some sort of password watch service where you can be notified if any providers (where you have accounts) have been breached, if the breach has been fixed, and recommend that you change the password.
  10. I have e-mailed in the past about things I noticed when importing from 1password (1pw), but recently I noticed that opvault support was there so I tried another import. I noticed that a lot of the fields from 1pw are not recognized properly and/or you wind up with a lot of blank fields in the logins that you import. This is even after going through every login in 1pw and cleaning them up so they only have a username/password and remember me option set (1pw saves A LOT of garbage when it creates logins automatically). The import process does not recognize 1pw password history so you have a bunch of fields at the bottom of the login with older passwords (and you lose this once you import) It seems like Enpass does not support mutiple URL's in the same way 1pw does so you seem to lose this as well after an import Enpass does not have a facility to save attachments so you lose these attachments on an import as well Importing into Enpass from 1pw seems to just drop everything into the All Items category and you have to go drop every login into the proper category. Please find a way to recognize the categories that 1pw uses and import properly For further suggestions please consider adding the following: Support for multiple URL's (if it's there already please let me know how to use them) Support to save attachments Support to save items such as passport photos, credit card photos, etc.
  11. On my main PC I am running Windows 10 (RTM) with Enpass 5.2.0 and, occasionally, I notice that the OneDrive sync seems to just stop working and when I go to check it is constantly synchronizing. If I disconnect the OneDrive sync and delete the Enpass folder from my OneDrive I am able to get the sync to work again normally.
  12. As I start to use Enpass more and more to see if it is a viable replacement of 1password I have noticed the following websites do not login properly if the "auto-submit login" property is set: owner.roku.com/login us.battle.net/login If I remove the check mark and manually press the button I am able to login properly. I have even recreated the login within Enpass manually and it still is not working.
  13. I have this same issue on my Surface Pro 3. Running Windows 10 Insider (14342) @ 2160x1440 resolution. Enpass 5.2.0
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