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Import from Lastpass incomplete

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Import from Lastpass incomplete


I imported about 600 records from Lastpass-CSV (also tried txt). Yes, I before saved the files using UNICODE. Unfortunately after checking the imported records, I found a lot of missing information. Especially the secure Notes are imported incomplete. 

Is this a known bug of enpass? The exported files from Lastpass are correct and there seems nothing wrong.

I tried importing to keepass and there is no issue with secure notes / no lost information...

But I really would love it, using enpass!!!!

Can someone help me?

Thank you in advance!



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Ok. I found out, how to do it:

1. LASTPASS export to lastpass.csv in unicode

2. Import lastpass.csv to KEEPASS

3. KEEPASS export to keepass.xml

4. Import keepass.xml to ENPASS

Would be nice, if it worked directly...


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