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Keyboard shortcuts not working properly for Enpass Assistant in 6.4.1


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I have always set the global hotkey to Ctrl + Alt + P to open the Enpass Assistant. This still works every time. But the shortcuts, e.g. to copy passwords by using Ctrl + Shift + P, do not work properly anymore. They only work after I opened the Enpass Assistant through the taskbar (bottom right in windows). At least that is my explanation right now. It started after the update of version 6.3.2 to 6.4.1. Can others confirm that?

By the way: The shortcuts are very poorly documented. I think they were mentioned in the user manual for an older version of enpass, but I can't find them in the user manual for version  6.4.1.

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I can also make the shotcuts work by using the global hotkey to open the Enpass Assistant, select an entry and open it by either clicking the "i" or using the right-arrow key, so that I see the entry's attributes (username, password etc..).  After that Ctrl + Shift + P start working (also from the list of entries, no need to open the entry itself). I also checked the whole behavior with my private computer which - besides running windows - has nothing in common with the PC I use at work.

By the way: No answer in over 10 days in this forum which seems to be the wanted way to ask for support, since the Support Page of the Enpass homepage only links to the User Guide or to this forum.

I also wrote a mail on April, 8th and got a very fast response from the Enpass Support Staff (Pratyush Sharma) that QA will look into it. On April, 11th I got a mail (apparently from a mailbot) that the case is closed because I did not write back. I'm not satisfied.

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