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error/crash after restore backup

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I just did a test with restoring backup files. And I got an error after using it (check picture).

I'm using windows 10 with enpass 5.5.8.

I don't have a problem now because I can always go back to a previous version of walletx.db with my own cloudserver. But maybe you can fix this problem for the next release? 

2017-08-15 16_47_24-Enpass.png

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Guest Akash Vyas


That should not be happening. To look into it further I need some information from you. So please let me know:

  • Does the app crash when you enter the master password or on just selecting the backup file?
  • Do you face this problem frequently or on a certain instance (if yes, please explain a bit more)?
  • Is sync enabled when you try to restore the file?

Awaiting your response.

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