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Setting Up New Devices

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Setting Up New Devices

Ok, so I love enpass. It offers some great features that sets it apart from others. However, I'm finding that there is one major pitfall to the service that I cannot figure out how to get around, without compromising my security, and making things extremely difficult, and that's when it comes to setting up new devices.

For instance, I was just recently setting up my new android phone. Enpass isn't already downloaded to the device, and so it's required to download from the play store. Problem is that google doesn't allow downloads without signing in to your google account. That's not a problem, except when you realize your password is on Enpass.

Of course, you might be thinking "ok, so just look on your desktop pc". While this is possible, what if your password is extremely long (as it's usually recommended that the longer the password, the better. Also, typically these passwords are not easy to type). So then you have to type an extremely long, and difficult to type password into google play store to sign in. If you can manage that, you can download Enpass. This is where we get into a second problem...

If you finally are able to get enpass on your device, then you realize you need to get your database onto your device. If you use syncing with a cloud service, you then have to then do the same thing you did when trying to get your google account password: locate it on enpass desktop, and spend forever typing in the password for the online cloud storage you have your enpass database in.

After this is done, only then can you get your passwords. Of course, I haven't even addressed the issue of what one does when they don't have a desktop to look these passwords up on, or when you're somewhere where you need your passwords, don't have your phone or computer, can't use the portable storage, and all you have access to is a computer with a web browser.

What I'm trying to show is that it seems there are some fundamental flaws with the entire system of enpass, at least if you, as a user, want to access your passwords without any issues. A password manager is almost entirely worthless if you cannot easily access it and your information. In the pursuit of security, you also made things extremely difficult for users.

Hope some changes can be made in the future to address this

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