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  1. margaret_madison

    I want folders back!

    enter all up to five tags, enter them manually, memorize them all, because there is no way for me to look up how exactly I have to write them (both on cellphone/iPad and on my PC), do all of this on the darn tiny cellphone keyboard without mistyping.
  2. margaret_madison

    Username generator

    it would be plus point to add this feature in the upcoming update, but there are some generic name generators available like spinxo, jimpix, screen name generator etc.
  3. margaret_madison

    Create a new password in safari

    Try to change your web browser from Apple safari to Google's chrome,maybe this feature will later be added to the latest version of enpass.
  4. margaret_madison

    IOS 9.3.5 enpass 6.0.1 autofill not working.

    Enpass forced us an update which made all of our older iPads usesless, it now works with IOS 10 or more, now we need latest ipad in order to run enpass again .
  5. margaret_madison

    Two suggestions for refinement: subdomains and less clicks

    i'm glad to see you so responsive, though refinement of enpass in my personal view, is same as password 1, i hope you make rapid growth and progress.
  6. margaret_madison

    Error while purchasing Enpass. Response code 7

    after new upadate of enpass, it's the same issue many android user's have seen, try to restart or reboot your phone , or force stop your app and again start it clear all credentials and again fill all fields.