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Delete iCloud synced file.


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Hi, I have Enpass 6.4.2 on my Desktop and my vault sync is done through iCloud.

I would like to move my sync process from iCloud to Google Drive. But before I do that, I want to make sure that the Enpass vault that was synced on iCloud is deleted or blanked out.

i understand that the vault on iCloud is a hidden file and there is no way for me to delete the vault file on iCloud.

What steps do you suggest me to take so that I can sync like an empty vault from my Windows PC to iCloud, which will overwrite the vault in iCloud?


Thank you.

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Hi @C2019,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Please let us know are you able to access all Enpass data on any other device? If yes, please try the below steps-

  • Disconnect the sync on all the devices.
  • Now open Enpass on your device(where you are able to access all Enpass data) and disconnect the sync from iCloud--> While disconnecting sync from Enpass, you will have the option " Also, delete data from iCloud" Enable it and click on Disconnect button.
  • Now set up sync once again with the preferred cloud.

Hope this helps!

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